Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summerize Your Hair With A Detoxifying Hair Mask

My hair!!!!

Hazy sunshine, hot humid air is in the forecast and even my normally pin straight hair needs a boost. This humidity wreaks havoc on any type of hair - curly hair often mutates into the frizzes while straight hair can experience the same fate. In general, it just feels ga-ross and difficult to control.

To fight the dryness and breakage and help tamp your hair and make it appear smooth and shiny, why not add a hair mask to your weekly hair maintenance to help keep your hair hydrated throughout the summer.

Arbonne's Fortifying Hair Mask from the fabulous SeaSource Detox Spa line is perfect for sultry weeks like we're experiencing. It's made from a compelling blend of the ocean's most potent botanicals to shore up your hair against environmental toxins and harsh climates while hydrating it to renew, put back in and revitalize the hair column for glossy, robust hair. This hair mask can be used on all hair types.

Fight the frizz with Arbonne's Fortifying Hair Mask

This hair mask is rich with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals with a superb, hydrating formula that helps strengthen, condition, repair and revitalize the hair shaft for a lustrous, healthy shine. It's also perfect for a scalp massage. And, like Arbonne's shampoo and conditioner, the hair mask is safe for chemically treated hair.

I use Arbonne's deep-conditioning hair mask 1-2 times each week, depending on how my hair feels. If my hair is feeling especially dry and damaged and needs some TLC, I'll use it more. When I'm done blow drying it, I feel like I walked out of a salon and had my hair professionally blown out. It's that amazing.

I also find the Detox Hair Mask is not only great as a deep hair conditioner, it's also amazing as a finishing product. I like to put a dime size or less through my hair after I've towel dried and combed my hair. Then I use a small amount in my hair after I've styled it to help control frizz. I just love this product!

If you would like a sample of the hair mask or if you would like to purchase your own hair mask, you can reach me at or visit my Arbonne website,


  1. This sounds great. How is it that my hair is dry/damaged and oily at the same time??

  2. This sounds like a great product. My hair has been damaged from the sun/pool this summer. How much does this fab product cost??

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