Friday, January 29, 2010

Fabulous Fridays: A Day Spent With My Fabulous Mom

I spent a lovely afternoon today with my fabulous mother, the beautiful Rainie. It was full of laughter and knitting therapy. We went to Knitty City on the Upper West Side. My mom learned to knit from her mother and I learned from my mom. It's a great way to spend the day and it's one of the best things she taught me. I usually would end of with an article of clothing when my mom came in, now it's hand-dyed yarn.

We browsed the kaleidoscope of yarns, knit together and came out with two bags of more yarn. I wanted to post a picture of my new purchases, but I left the my bag in my mom's car. I hope she doesn't sneak it into her stash.

So instead, here's a picture of my mom and I wearing our matching cowls in pretty ombré shades of brown. I like the lighter color on top, whereas my mom likes to wear the darker brown closer to her face.

Me and my Mom are styling in our hand-made cowls.

The yarn we were searching for and eventually found was a superwash merino wool hand-dyed yarn by Madelinetosh to make a lacy shawl for spring. I have so many projects I'm working on that by the time summer is over I should be ready to make this in time for summer 2011. The color, named Maple Leaf, is more vibrant in person, this photo doesn't do the distinctive color justice.
My newest yarn: Madelinetosh in Maple Leaf.

After knitting, we treated ourselves to a manicure and pedicure. I selected a nail polish from Essie's new spring collection Mink Muffs. I'm digging this pretty milk chocolate shade for right now. It represents a classic yet edgy vibe and it works as a great transition color from the dark shades I like to wear in the winter to the lighter ones I have on as the temperatures begin to rise. Plus it's an overall refreshing color.
I love Essie's new Mink Muffs

Thanks for the awesome day Mom! You've created a monster.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm Ready for Sandals

I've just about had it with my Ugg's. They felt especially burdensome as I perused the latest spring fashions today. I'm so ready to wear these Gucci sandals. If the red carpet is any indication, purple will be a huge color story this Spring/Summer.

One can only dream.

So tell me, what Spring trend are you looking to add to your wardrobe?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Look 10 Years Younger With A Little Spray

As a beauty and fashion blogger, I get pitched all kinds of great products to review. But I guess because of the name of my blog, I was recently sent a product from Skindinavia that said it would make me appear 10 years younger. I put the bottle far away in my closet and buried myself under the covers.

But last night I had planned to meet up with my always put together friend and fashion blogger Kristin for the Ann Taylor Loft Summer Collection preview (more to come on this collection) and I thought it would be a perfect night to look (and feel) younger. After all, isn't that what Ann Taylor Loft is after.

This super-fine makeup finishing spray felt light and immediately cooling on my face. It made my skin feel smooth, soft and gave me a healthy-looking, natural glow. Not too sparkly, just the kind that of glow people saw in me when I was 30. It works by adding hydration to my skin and keeps my foundation, eye shadow, blush and concealer out of where it doesn't belong - those lovely fine lines and wrinkles.

The innovative, refreshing mist chills the makeup surface which causes drying to slow down greatly, and then it is loaded with six hydrators that bring more needed moisture to the makeup surface. The result is glowing, dewy foundation that holds in place up to 16 hours.

I hate when makeup, especially those mineral foundations, start to crease, clump, slide, get shiny or dry out. It's not a good look for anyone.

Did I magically look 10 years younger with this spray? Maybe 8 years. But what's best about this finishing spray is, with just 2-4 quick pumps of the mist over my makeup, my skin felt fresh for hours and my makeup didn't fall into any creases as the night wore on. There was no need for frequent makeup retouches in the bathroom so I was able to mingle away.

I'm really glad I tried this anti-aging finishing spray. It didn't make my face feel like I sealed it in plastic, but rather I felt invigorated. Now I'm going to use the 10 Years Younger Makeup Finish wherever I go.

Skindinavia has six unique finishes for different skin types, climates, lifestyles and events. They are available at and

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fashion Industry Unites For Haiti

The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), who helped rescue the fashion industry with the wildly successful Fashion's Night Out, is uniting again. In response to the devastating January 12 earthquake in Haiti, the CFDA will be selling a $25 "Fashion for Haiti" T-shirt with proceeds benefitting the Clinton/Bush Haiti Fund. The T-shirt will go on sale February 12 at retailers across the country as well as online at

"The tradegy in Haiti has affected everyone and most of us individually have given money for relief," Diane von Furstenberg, President of the CFDA, said in a statement. "However, I think it is now important to send a message and create a channel for funding from fashion as an industry."

The black and lime green logo features the tag line "Hope Help Heal Haiti" underneath a block design of "To Haiti With Love", with a map of the nation standing in for the word "Haiti". The sleeve will be marked with the "Fashion for Haiti" slogan and the inside collar will have "CFDA" printed on it.

The "Fashion for Haiti" logo was designed by Peter Arnell, who you might remember created in 2001 the mended heart logo for the "Fashion for America" fundraiser, organized by the CFDA and Vogue magazine, which raised $2 million after 9/11 for the Twin Towers Fund.

I love this idea. The fashion industry can be proud they rally behind worldly causes. Sometimes fashion can seem so frivolous and unimportant, especially in the wake of such horror, but I'm proud the industry has shown the world their sensitive side. Let's hope they sells the T-shirts at the 2010 fashion shows, starting February 11 here in New York. Show your support, show your love and buy a T-shirt.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays...And My New Umbrella

Today started off as one of those rainy, gloomy days. I wanted to spend the day on the couch, looking out my window at all the falling rain with a cup of hot cocoa and ponder all of life's possibilities.

But I was meeting former work colleagues at La Esquina on Kenmare Street for a little Mexican fiesta. Although the thought of putting on clothes today seemed like it would be a physical challenge, I was excited to see everyone. I also wanted to test out my new umbrella.

This is the umbrella Michael bought me. You can buy it here.

I usually don't like carrying umbrellas while walking in New York City. It always seems like a burden. I would either use one of Michael's golf umbrellas, but I always hated taking up the entire sidewalk. Or I would use one of a small army of broken black umbrellas thrown at the bottom of the coat closet. Either way, I could always be counted on for leaving it behind for some stranger. So that's why I've found it easier to just wear a rain hat or deal with being wet.

Since it was really pouring out when I left and I didn't want to show up looking like a drowned rat, I decided to finally break out the dome umbrella. I really liked this umbrella because it didn't take up too much room on the sidewalk and thus didn't break my rule of umbrellas should only fit one person. The dome-shaped worked because it kept my head and shoulders dry. In addition, it made me feel like I was looking out a window because you can see the tiny raindrops run down the sides. Finally, the umbrella is really sturdy, lightweight and didn't feel like a burden to carry.

If you are into hearts or really love Valentine's Day, there is also this transparent dome umbrella finished with red hearts and a red handle.

The Be My Valentine Heart Dome Umbrella.

But if you really need your arms free, futuristic designer Rusly Tjohnardi has a clear umbrella that rests on your head.

Hands-free umbrella by Rusly Tjohnardi. Click here for the source.

Lady Gaga wears an umbrella hat.

Lady Gaga, who just played four sold-out nights at Radio City, wore an umbrella hat designed by Yoshiko Creation Paris for a recent Music Japan TV interview. The designer named the hat B612 after the house-sized planet the little boy was from the famous children book The Little Prince.

The clear, dome-shaped umbrellas that comes with the actual handle, as well as a pretty assortment of colorful ones, are available at

So as we approach Spring, make sure you stay dry as well as fabulous.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Fabulous Fridays: Spanx Swimwear and Jersey Shore

MTV's hit reality show Jersey_Shore, which followed a group of perfectly cast twenty-somethings during a summer spent creeping, smushing, brawling, fist-pumping and following the golden rule of GTL (gym, tanning and laundry) in Seaside Heights, sadly came to an end last night. I have to admit, I didn't want to like the show - it was crude, demeaning to women and I hated all the fashion. But there were things to like and even learn about the cast - they were endearing, loyal to each other and were comfortable in their own tanned skins. They didn't change a thing about themselves for our approval and are enjoying every moment of their celebrity.

Now that the show is over, what are we going to do? There are rumors of a second season and a Snooki spin-off. Jenni "JWoWW" Farley will be capitalizing on her new fame with her own line of updated "sexy sophisticated" club-inspired party tops that "will make people of all ages and body types feel more confident in the scene". Her spring/summer line has only one style for now. It's the the down-to-there halter top she made famous (as well as what modern medicine can give you) in episode deux.
This is how JWoWW got her name. The reality star is working on a fashion line based on this halter top. Photo courtesy of MTV.

This made-to-order halter top is available in six colors, including yellow. You can own by by simply emailing Jenni a photo of yourself to jfarley at jennifarley dot com. I wonder if fashion tape is include?

J. WoWW's halter top is perfect for the club.

I doubt I can even get my body into this top nor do I want to. I'm more interested in the new slimming swimwear collection from Spanx. We all know the magical wonders Spanx does for us under our clothes. Now, we can hit the beaches and pools looking svelte. I'm very excited for this new collection of totally adorable one-and-two piece swimsuits from the shapewear company. According to the company, the swim line will be available starting Monday, January 25 at

Spanx new collection of swimsuits will be available on Monday.

Now that my guilty pleasures of watching Jersey Shore has come to an end for now, I am grateful Spanx has a great collection of swimsuits I can look forward to wearing this summer because you know down the shore everything's alright. Sha la la la la la la!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Are You Ready To Be A Goddess?

Are you ready to let your inner goddess run free? Are you ready to feel sexy and alive?

I went to a holiday party and was amazed by the happy glow of my friend and pr darling Stacy. She was so radiant - she was toned, energetic and had an inner healthy glow that lit the room like a candle. I asked her what her secret was to looking so goddess-like. She pointed with a satisfied smile to Amanda, her holistic health and nutrition counselor and founder of Urban Goddess Health.

Stacy and I.

Of course, at the time, my plate poured high with delicious mini sirloin burgers, sweet potato pancakes and pigs-in-the blanket so I hightailed it out of there. It hit me that many of my food choices lately were actually defeating all my lifestyle goals. I began to notice a lot of changes in my own body and I’ve been feeling really tired and moody. The fistfuls of French fries and the bottle of wine at dinner could not longer go unnoticed. I’ve always heard about metabolism slowing down. Could this be it?

“At each decade, we notice what we could do when we were younger, doesn’t work anymore,” Amanda told me over the phone.

Amanda is Goddess of Good Nutrition and founder of Urban Goddess Health.

A big part of Amanda’s program is following the basic principals of ayurveda, a system of traditional medicine native to India. What also spoke to me about Amanda’s philosophy, and what I believe is relevant for a woman in her 40s, was not only the importance of food, but how it could help you to literally love the skin you’re in.

To begin, Amanda, who spoke in such a calming manner I immediately felt at ease, said clients start on a two-week detox program that is designed to pull you away from your old dietary habits and to cleanse the palette. Amanda said this is an important part of the process and can help you to become more sensitive to the foods you’re taking in and the effects they have on your body. “You need to be giving juice back to the body,” Amanda said.

She said women need to eat not only mineral-rich leafy greens, vegetables and fresh fruits, but also have the right amount of appropriate fats to give you that glow.

Naturally, Amanda is all about the quality of the food, not at all about counting calories. “When you’re eating those foods that are all about calorie counts, they don’t have the nutrients your body needs and you’re going to hit a wall because your body isn’t getting the nutritional punch it needs,” she said. “If you’re getting the right quality foods, you don’t need to quantify it,” she said.

Amanda, who received her training and certification at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, also said a big part of her program’s success is when you incorporate a yoga routine in your life and do less spinning and other aerobic activities. She explained that as we age, we all naturally get drier and warned the constant sweating that happens while you exercise can deplete your body of it’s natural juices and could cause you to look less vibrant. “Women in their 40s try to do the right thing by exercising, but they are working themselves too hard and could dry themselves out,” she said.

For most women, balancing work, family, relationships and exercise is cause for a lot of hair pulling. However, Amanda tells her clients to put inner peace and a place of calmness at the center.

To achieve this, take the time to prepare delicious, healthy foods and participate in deep-breathing yoga. Feeding your soul with all this goodness is sure to help you to slow down and grow spiritually. And with the helping hand of this insightful and kind nutritionist, your insights of who you are will soar.

“When you make these changes with food, your whole life changes and you start to become more aware of how you feel with all outside stimulants,” Amanda said.

The Goddess of Love Aphrodite.

You can contact Amanda at amanda at youngwellness dot org or visit her at 324 Lafayette in New York City.

Turning 40 has been a wake up call for sure. Now is the right time to take control back of the food we're taking in and to slow things down, live in the present and really enjoy life.

It’s time we discover our inner goddess and truly shine! Are you ready to join me?

UPDATED TO ADD: Amanda is offering my fabulous readers a 20% discount in doing a cleanse or a program with her.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Must-Have Investment Pieces You'll Love Today and Always

Fads and trends come and go, but classic investment pieces are the building blocks of your working wardrobe. These timeless essentials will take you from day to night, from lunch to cocktails, from cubicle to corner office and will never, ever go out of style. They are the staples that go with whatever trends you want to showcase. For me, my great big Tod's bag, my Manolo Blahnik black Mary Jane pumps that even Carrie Bradshaw would love, my Burberry trenchcoat, the little black dress (all seven), the sturdy pant or pencil skirt suit and even the chic pair of Tom Ford shades were worth the splurge.

Tell me in the comment what fashions do you think are worth breaking the bank for?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hats Off To The Lady In The Hat

I used to think I wasn’t a hat person.

That was until I spent an afternoon with Ellen Christine Colon-Lugo and her impressive collection of hats in her shop.

I confessed my fear of hats to the hat lady and she told me to see my therapist.

It wasn't what I was expecting.

I ventured downtown to the Chelsea shop because my good friend Stephanie drove up from northern Virginia for her hat fitting with Ellen Christine. I've heard of dress fittings, of course, but never a hat fitting. So I tagged along to see what happens. Stephanie recently bought the grey 1950's style half hat (pictured below) to wear as her center piece for the Joint Armed Forces Officers Wives luncheon she's attending next month in Washington, D.C. (Stephanie married a hunky retired marine). I asked Stephanie if the hat was part of an overall look and she said she didn’t have anything else to wear yet but the hat.

Stephanie's latest hat from Ellen Christine. Next she has to find something to compliment the hat.

Stephanie with Ellen Christine. Stephanie also bought the pink feather hat to wear to a Western-themed birthday party. She said she's going to also wear it to brunch.

Ellen Christine’s ever-so chic shop was one part pure fantasy and one part old-world charm. Beautiful displays of handmade hats couples with vintage scarves and jewelry eras gone-by had stylish women coming in the busy shop all afternoon. I was greeted by daring plumes of feathers, gorgeous silk lace and bold vintage appliqués. I soon forget my ordinary black leggings and cardigan and was quickly transported back to a time when dressing was truly an art form.

Ellen Christine eventually warmed up to me after her little puppy made an appearance and I realized the hat lady and I had something in common. We both had pets with the name Sam.

Me and The Hat Lady both have Sams in our lives. Mine is of course way cuter.

For the newbie like me, the hat expert as she well deserves to be called advised me to start with the beret, move on to the cloche and advance onto the fedora. Of course her hats go on from there and your imagination will be blown away by her brilliant designs. I was drawn to the 1920's era cloches and Ellen Christine recommended one with a short brim. She placed this amazing purple hat with a matching silk-dyed ribbon and it brought an instant smile to my face. She obviously has a keen eye for hats and it was truly a great experience to try on hats with so much creativity.

Me with a pretty purple cloche and an infinity scarf of my own design.

To find your perfect hat, click here to see Ellen Christine's quick advice.

Hats became part of Ellen Christine’s passion when she was a child attending Catholic school. She said that while she HAD to follow the school’s strict dress code during the week, she and her friends were allowed to tap into their creative side on Sundays.

According to her Web site, Ellen Christine began her practical design experience in her hometown of Philadelphia, where she apprenticed herself to an Italian tailor with main line clients, and in Boston, where she helped put together a costume shop for Strutters, the trendsetting antique clothiers. Her prize find was a wealthy socialite’s hoard of hats.

It was an opportunity of a lifetime, she said. Those hats were my school. She went on to perfect her craft by taking apart and reconstructing those 350 crushed lovelies.

Ellen Christine moved on to New Year, where she continued her love her hat-making while pursuing her masters and doctorate in costume history at New York University. At the same time, she freelancing as a stylist and costumer, including working with Beauty and the Beast and restoring wedding gowns.

Stephanie was drawn to the colorful feathers of this top hat by Ellen Christine.

Ellen Christine and a staff of four merry hat makers make the hats by hand so you can enjoy a truly one-of-a-kind hat. She also has a stunning collection of bridal hats. Her knowledge of history is also impressive and she will be sure to educate you along with your purchase.

You can find Ellen Christine and her shop at 225. W. 18th Street, between 7th and 8th Avenues. The experience left me feeling like I opened up my grandmother's treasure chest.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Get Red Carpet Ready With Very Hollywood

Are you ready for your shining moment on the Red Carpet?

I love Hollywood glamour. Who can’t resist watching as your favorite stars walk the Red Carpet? It’s the best part of the show, in my opinion. So when I was recently pitched about Very Hollywood, the latest makeup collection that was created in collaboration between Estée Lauder and Michael Kors, I swooned.

With the Golden Globes on this Sunday, I thought it was the perfect time to get ready for my close-up. I went to Saks Fifth Avenue last night with my super-talented food blogger and photographer extraordinaire friend Tina and my always gorgeous friend and fellow knitter Lisa to play with the makeup.

The collection is a spin on Hollywood of the late 1960s. It features two modern, yet classic color palettes in hues of pinks and corals. I thought all the shades were so lovely and very wearable for everyday. Even the corals, which I usually shy away from, were very natural and not the orangey tones of the past. The inspiration is iconic Hollywood glamour, both past and present, interpreted for everyday life, Michael Kors said in the press release.

I sat down in the chair of Estée Lauder makeup artist Habi who gave me a fresh, clean look. On the eyes, he used Blonde Mink eyeshadow duo, two coordinating shades of dusty beige shimmers for a smoky look. Then he lined them in Sepia eye pencil. On the cheeks, Habi applied Sunset Coral, a healthy, sun-kissed peach blush that instantly brightened my face. On the lips, he used Honey Blonde, a flattering, barely-there nude lipstick and lip gloss. Finally, he set the lookwith a shimmering loose powder to give me that allover high glamour glow.

Me looking Very Hollywood.

Tina and I posing for the paparazzi.

The limited-edition Very Hollywood makeup collection has two distinct glamorous looks. The first one, Bel Air Beige, showcases a classic Michael Kors beige and coral palette of shimmery peach lips and cheeks and a smoky eye. This is what I tried on.

Bel Air Beige is classic and shimmery.

The second one, Rodeo Pink, spotlights new shades in vibrant raspberry tones of bright, bold lips and cheeks and a defined eye. It's a total mod look with a Palm Beach twist.

Rodeo Pink is soft, bright and feminine.

This fabulous collaboration stemmed from the longtime friendship between the totally stunning Aerin Lauder, Estée Lauder Senior Vice President and Creative Director and famed American Designer Michael Kors. Of course, both are no strangers to the red carpet.

Now that we were all dolled up, we headed over to La Bonne Soupe where we enjoyed big salads and a glass of vino. Why is it so hard to find a really good, big salad in the city? We had to watch our girly figures since the camera adds 10 pounds.

Apparently, Elaine had to have one too. Click here to replay this scene.

I can tell you that the stars of the collection are the ultra-creamy and moisturizing lipsticks and lip glosses. They are light in color with just a hint of natural pigments. But overall, I nominate the collection a winner. It's very pretty and a perfect fresh look to wear this Spring.

The collection is available for a limited time at select counters and online at

So tell me, my fabulous friends, are you ready to for your glamour shot?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Are You Ready To Zumba?

I recently took my first Zumba class at my gym, the hot and sexy workout that incorporates spicy Latin beats with easy-to-follow salsa, mambo and other fun dance steps. It was a total party atmosphere and an upbeat, exhilarating calorie-burning experience.

At first, I was totally nervous. My mother does Zumba in New Jersey and swears by it. It sounded more like a new fitness fad you did out in the burbs. I preferred my workouts in the spin studio or on the tread mill. But when celebrity fitness trainer and founder of Zumba Alberto “Beto” Perez was going to be teaching at my gym, I decided to see what the fuss was about.

I made my way to the gym on a recent Friday night. The room was packed with about 70 women and a small sprinkling of brave men. What I noticed first of course was what most people were wearing. They were proudly decked out in head-to-toe Zumbawear and dance shoes. I was really out of my league. I asked the woman next to me if she had ever taken this class before and indeed she did. She confided in me that her mom urged her to go so I knew I found a partner. Not only that, she wore the same black tights and grey tank top as me.

Zumba founder Alberto “Beto” Perez

Then HE came, entourage and all.

The entire room stood up, parted like the Red Sea and applauded their master.

It was all very moving.

For the next hour I felt like a J. Lo fly girl.

We did our salsa, mamba, reggae, cha-cha-cha and tango moves, even some fun hip-hop ones, shaking and grinding our hips as if we were belly dancers to the rhythms of the music. I was feeling as if I were in some exotic beach, dancing with a cocktail in my hand, having the time of my life. I didn't feel as if I were exercising at all. While I can admit I dance with two left feet, I was dripping with sweat and was exhausted by the end of class. After the class, my fear of dancing in public is over and I’m ready to merengue the night away.

Click here to watch what a class is like.

Columbian native Perez started Zumba, a Spanish slang meaning to move fast and have fun, in 2001 and the fitness movement has since exploded. As of July 2009, Zumba is being taught in over 40,000 location in 75 countries, sold millions of DVDs and has created a legion of Zumba fanatics worldwide with roughly five million participants taking Zumba classes every week, one of whom is my fabulous mother.

Incidentally, as I walked home I ran into my gorgeous friend and entertainment blogger Kelly and told her about my Zumba class and she told me her mother also takes it.

Mothers always know best.

I really enjoyed this class. I think next time I'll bring a friend to add to the festivities.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Beautiful Eyes

I officially have two months to go before my landmark 40th birthday and today the panic set it. This morning when I looked in the mirror, all I saw were the fine lines around my eyes. I'm sure they've been there, but now I just want them gone. To address this new reality, I recently bought Cellufirm Drops to fight off the aging process.
I was first introduced to Mario Badescu Skin Care years ago when I was house sitting and got to sample all of the wonderful smelling soaps and moisturizers. I was hooked for years, but left this past year to try out other lines. I decided to go back.

I've been feeling the weight of the winter on my skin - the high heat in the apartment and the blasts of Artic air whenever I go outside - and it leaves my skin feeling a bit dull and tired. I needed to make some changes in my skincare. I brought my 40-year-old skin to Mario Badescu and spoke with skincare specialist Carmine about what I can do to get a glowing, youthful skin complexion again.

She recommended this pretty mint green emulsion to help firm, tighten and smooth the fine lines around my eyes. It contains plumping collagen and elastin, moisture retaining hyaluronic acid, antioxidant Vitamin E and mineral rich Seaweed Extract to help preserve the skin's tone, moisture levels and elasticity. She said to apply it along my bone line under my eyes. This emulsion can also be used sparingly on your face.

The plastic squeeze bottle has a dropper end so I can be sure to easily control the amount needed. About 4-5 drops for your face and neck are all you'll need and only 1 drop for your eye area. Wear this under your face and eye moisturizer.

I love products where a little goes a long way.

The consistency is lightweight, soft and smooth and it smells so fresh and clean. It spread easily under my eyes and it left them feeling more firm and super moisturized, instantly.

I'm ready to face the challenges of better skincare. And with an awesome array of beauty products out there, turning 40 might be the best thing to happen to my skin. What are your favorite beauty products that make you look younger? Share your ideas in the comments.

Cellufirm Drops cost $25 for a 1 oz. tube and can be purchased at Mario Badescu, Nordstrom and Harvey Nichols.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Curves Ahead: V Magazine Says Size Doesn't Matter

A debate is brewing about edgy fashion magazine V's "Size" issue. While the magazine doesn't hit newsstands until January 14, I got to see many of the photographs on the their Web site and Naturally, the photographs are full of gorgeous models, but this special issue highlights models of all shapes, sizes and ethnicity, proving that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that designer fashion can and should fit all figures.

But people are buzzing about all the plus-sized models who are photographed in various forms of (un)dress. Many are asking if this is a publicity stunt to sell more magazines or could this be a sign of things to come from the fashion world.

The photography was mostly done by “no one wants to see curvy women” Karl Lagerfeld, Bruce Weber and Terry Richardson.

Plus-sized models are used in the February issue of V magazine in a spread called "Curves Ahead". I think they look captivating.

Real Women, Real Curves. I can relate to this image of Marquita Pring.

The photographs made getting dressed a whole lot easier for me. The models - pot bellies, power thighs and large breasted - look radiating. I know I'll always need my pants hemmed (I'm stand just barely 5'4") and I will never have long, lean legs or a small butt. Instead, I would like to celebrate my best features, which are my flat belly, strong backside and pretty eyes. It's nice to see real women for a change.

I just wish more magazines featured a variety of shapes and sizes like this issue does and I sure hope V continues to do so.

In one section of the magazine, shot by Richardson, plus-size model and author, Crystal Renn is featured in an editorial called "One Size Fits All". The full-sized and gorgeous Renn is pitted against "straight model" Jacquelyn Jablonski in similar poses and identical looks.

"I'd like to see everyone take on the attitude that there are women of all different shapes and sizes as 'the beauty ideal,' and that it's not one type or another," Renn told the Associated Press. "All women bring something different to the table and we havet o appreciate them all." You can buy Renn's book of "Hungry: A Young Model's Story of Appetite, Ambition and The Ultimate Embrace of Curves" here.

On the left, we have Jacquelyn Jablonski and on the right is Crystal Renn. Both women are gorgeous but Crystal really shines here. To see the rest of the photos from V click here.

And although many of the plus-sized models that appear in the magazine still look to be in way better shape than many Americans who struggle daily with weight issues, it is a step in the right direction. Fashion and photography has always been about the possibilities and these photos do a great job of showing women with real curves that they too can be beautiful and sexy.

While the fashion photographs has always being fantastical, I love seeing people I could relate to. For me, it’s obvious that a beautiful woman is a beautiful woman, no matter her shape. The women in these photographs look healthy - glowing skin, lustrous hair and of course beautiful features. Most of all, I’m just drawn to their images more so than the traditional model. They are more interesting and really they represent me and most woman I know.

Plus-sized model Tara Lynn is fierce looking wearing nothing. For a video of this shoot, click here.

This is a great piece that shows our younger sisters that you don’t have to starve yourself to be beautiful. Being a healthy, fit and strong woman to me is the most attractive and I would rather see more of that.

According to Full and Fabulous, a nonprofit organization helping plus-size women and teens cope with the peer pressures of being overweight, young girls are more afraid of becoming fat than they are of nuclear war, cancer or losing their parents. And 50% of the 9-year-old girls and 80% of 10-year-old girls have dieted. That's just way to young.

Why can’t their be normalcy in fashion? We should demand more real looking models.

Magazines need to sell their issues and they always sell better when their is controversy and clearly this is really causing quite a debate. Do you agree with Mr. Lagerfeld or are you happy that curvier women are represented in the magazine. Weigh in (pun intended) and let me know your thoughts on the images.