Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you!!!

I can't believe we're heading into a new decade. I feel after 2000 all the rest of the NYE celebrations don't really compare. But despite this decade starting and ending in terrorism, both Michael and Sam came into my life in the 00's.

Last night, I had a pre-New Year's Eve celebration with my gorgeous friends and amazing bloggers Tina and Wendy where we did a sampling of Prosecco. Tonight, Michael and I will be joined by good friends Lisa and Jeremy and Jill and David. Being that we're all from New Jersey I decided to do a little theme and I'll mix some Jersey Fresh peach schnapps with some bubbly for the evening's signature cocktail. I might add some vodka to take it up a notch. I'll let you know how that turns out. Perhaps I'll call it The Explanation as this drink will explain everything the next day.

Michael and I in 2007.

Even Sam got in some fun. I can't believe this is the first time I posting a photo of the little guy.

In 2010 I will also be celebrating the big 4-0 and I'm really looking forward to it with either a bike trip through Italy or a party here in NYC. Or perhaps both.

Wishing you a very happy, healthy and wealthy 2010. See you in the new decade!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Let Your Hair Shine With Lush

Need to bring a little bit of shine to your hair, but don't have the time to run to the salon? Look no further than Lush's Hsuan Wen Hua.

An intense hair moisturizing treatment, Hsuan Wen Hua adds much-needed thirst to dry, lifeless hair. I love it because it adds silky softness and glossy shine to my locks, making them look incredibly healthy and really glossy.

Nourishes hungry, dry hair

The saying you are what you eat also holds true for hair maintenance. The completely nutritious ingredients in Hsuan Wen Hua reads like a salad dressing. Ingredients like Fresh Bay Infusion, Fresh Watercress Infusion, Fresh Free Range Eggs, Fresh Bananas, Fresh Avocado, Balsamic Vinegar, Olive Oil and Rosemary Oil combine into one tasty treat to feed your head with healthy goodness. It also has a bit of Cinnamon Leaf Oil to leave your hair with a heavenly scent.

I discovered this mega moisturizer when I noticed a colleague's beautifully smooth, shiny hair. She told me about Hsuan Wen Hua. It got to a point when I knew what days she used this because she would come to the office with the most incredibly gorgeous hair.

Because of the all-natural ingredients, Hsuan Wen Hua, named after the Cantonese god of hair, is best kept in the refrigerator and can be stored for up to three months from the date it was made. Trust me when I tell you it won't even come close to lasting that long. It truly works wonders on your tresses.

I like to use this deep conditioner right before any big event. You can apply right in the shower, but I like to put it this treatment in my hair when it's dry and unwashed. I feel it really penetrates my hair then. I leave it on for about 20 minutes and then wash it out and condition my hair as normal. It makes my hair really shiny and it just feels great for days after.

Hsuan Wen Hua is perfect for all hair types. My hair is very short and fine, but it also works magic on long, curly hair as well. And with all that we put our hair through, this is the type of product everyone needs in their beauty closet for great looking locks.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Get Glowing With Mario Badescu for New Year's Eve

For New Year's Eve, I want to shine like the Waterford crystal ball that drops in Times Square.

However this time of year my skin always needs some extra help. I've been feeling a little tired, dehydrated and even bloated from all the holiday festivities. In addition, my skin has been looking a bit haggard from constantly going from the freezing cold outdoors to my overheated apartment. But I still have one more night to look stunning. I need to scrub away all the toxins I've been taking in over the last few weeks.

I went right to the source for New York's best skincare mecca, Mario Badescu, and asked what are some tips for creating that magical brilliant look for this NYE. With these little skin helpers, you can be sure your your face and body will be nothing but radiant all night long. Not only will you feel amazing, but you will head into 2010 fully refreshed and beautified.

Indulge in a Body Treatment
NYE is a night many of us will be reveling in a skin-bearing dress for the first time in many months. However, for many people, the strange weather this time of year can cause dry skin. Now is a good time to pay attention to moisturizing your whole body, including your lips and cuticles. The Raspberry Body Scrub is a full body scrub you can use right in your shower. Not only will it leave you feeling great, it's one of the best treatments you can do when you need to show off a bit more of your skin. The way it works is it gently buffs away dead skin cells.
After the shower, pat dry and immediately apply a moisturizer. I really love Mario Badescu'sVitamin E Body Lotion and Super Rich Olive Body Lotion. Both are super rich and creamy and will leave your skin feeling soft and silky.

Refresh Your Skin With A Facial Mask
For all my special occasions including my wedding, I always use MB's Temporary Lifting Mask. This amazing mask literally will have you feeling like you'll never be able to move your face or smile again, but when you wash it off you will be amazed how radiant and clean your skin looks. It immediately tightens your skin, minimizing your pores to help give you a flawless face. This mask is a perfect quick boost for NYE.

If you feel you have dull, dry skin and want to add instant moisture to your face, you may want to try one of their awesome moisturizing masks like the Ginkgo Mask. Using ginkgo biloba extract to stimulate your skin and ginseng extract to nourish, this gel-based mask is great to sooth red, blotchy skin. This mask is also a great treatment if you are a frequent traveler.

Another great moisturizing mask is the Normalizing Mask With Cotton Milk. Also a gel-based mask, this tube of beauty is ideal for very dry and sensitive skin types. It contains a unique blend of botanicals such as Sweet Clover Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil and Corn Oil along with moisture retaining Hyaluronic Acid and healing Allantoin.
Treat Your Lips Right
If you're lips are anything like mine right now, they are chapped and dry from these bitter cold, dry days. MB's Lip Wax Jar or Lip Wax SPF 15 Stick is a non-greasy formula that literally glides on your lips. It contains hydrating vitamin E, soothing Beeswax and fragrant Rose Extract to leave your lips smooth and soft. If you are going with red lips for New Year's, this is an especially important step to prep those lips for a smooth, beautiful finish.
NYE can be a night of added drama to your normal beauty routine. This night is the night to break out that bold red lipstick you've been wanting to try or create a smoky eye for instant glamour. But before you do, make sure you do all the prep work before. Your fabulous self will thank you right into the new year.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Go Ahead and Treat Yourself To Boots

Don't like what you got for the holidays. Have no fear. Retailers want to clear the shelves for the new spring merchandise, thus there is a bevy of unbelievable sales going on right now. So the only person left for you to shop for is YOU!!

Much like the ballyhoo with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, stores' post-Christmas sales are a great time to pick up something you didn't receive. Retailers from Amazon to Zara are trying to lure you in with their incredible deals.

I've been pretty obsessed with finding a new pair of tall black boots. I'm always wearing them. They're an easy and fabulous way to look chic and they go with everything. I plan to wear them with leggings and skinny jeans as well as with skirts and dresses. and are both having amazing deals right now on boots. But you better hurry as sizes are limited. In addition to the great sales going on right now, both sites offer free shipping. And if you need it, returns are free as well. Best of all, ordering the boots online sure beats the crowds and the shivering in the freezing cold.

Here's a couple of great tall black boots under $100 worth considering:

These classic tall boots by Bouquets have a wider calf and offer lots of comfort., on sale for $87.12 from $99.

David Tate's classic tall boots are simply elegant. $75.

Annie Shoes also have a wide calf, perfect for wearing with jeans tucked in., $78.90-$89.95.

But since I'm talking about treating yourself, I'm loving these boots from Charles David available at They are beautifully crafted from oiled leather, giving them a perfectly distressed finish. The slender buckle straps and red zipper trim along the back really give these boots their special touch.

I'm on the prowl for tall black boots and these are a little bit different, a little bit what my feet are looking for., $384.95.

Additionally, several sites, including Footwear etc. and The Walking Company have great sales on Ugg's and other cold weather, yet comfortable boots.

Let me know if you know of other great deals out there and what you're going to treat yourself with this week. Stay fabulous.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tips On Staying Healthy Throughout The Holidays

Unless you are a serious cardio shopper, and who is anymore thanks to online shopping, gaining weight during the holidays is pretty much part of the season. While I have no interest in "dieting" (which will only result in me and you being a little moody and resentful), I do believe you can have your holiday treats AND fit into your New Year's dress.

For years, I've been challenged with striking a healthy balance between enjoying all the temptations of the holidays with staying fit and fabulous. My philosophy back then was to eat and eat again and I would start anew after the new year. Of course, that didn't work. Here are just a few of my tips I've learned along the way that will hopefully prevent us from going over the edge and packing on the holiday 15.

1. Don't show up to a holiday party hungry. You aren't saving yourself any calories by skipping a meal and starving yourself. You're going to end up overeating all the fried food and creamy dips. When you save all those calories for that one big party, you're going to end up eating more than you planned. I recently took this advice to heart and ate a healthy meal before a holiday party and it turned out that I ate a lot less than I did in years past. I was able to spend more time talking to friends instead of being worried about what I was going to stuff myself with.

2. Everyone is going to drink over the holidays and you're just kidding yourself if you. So if your cocktail of choice is eggnog, wine, champagne or fun and festive drink like The Grinch or Christmas Cosmo, I say go ahead and enjoy yourself. You deserve a night out making the spirits bright. But you'll do your body good by limiting how many nights out you have drinks.

3. Stay active and keep those extra poundages away. According to, you can burn 150 calories by walking a mile at a pace of 15-20 minutes per mile, bicycling for 30 minutes, running a 10 minute mile, climbing stairs for 15 minutes or dancing for 30 minutes. But try to remember why you are exercising and make every moment count. After all, the more intense your workout, the more calories you can burn.

4. As my mother likes to say, pick your battles and allow yourself to indulge on your favorite holiday delights. But do be picky about what you do enjoy. Treating yourself to a few of your favorite foods is as much a part of the holiday season as overcrowded stores. Any plan I've ever had to follow a strict eating regimen over the holidays has usually backfired on me and I ended up binging on everything.

5. Don't throw in the towel. Just because you have a day or three where you went overboard doesn't mean all is lost. Just remember, everyday is a new day and each day you can start a new with a healthy plan.

I know this time of year is challenging to remain disciplined, but remember one day of indulging isn't going to wreck your health goals. You can't gain weight from enjoying a night or two, it's your everyday choices that can cause you to tip the scales. Enjoy yourself, but be sure to put it as my amazing spin instructor Kristin likes to say "back there" the next day and focus your energies on being healthy.

Let me know what your indulgences are during this holiday season -- then tell me how you plan to maintain your healthy habits.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Let's Shimmer, Shine and Sequins For New Year's

This weekend brought us lots of snow. Now I’m going to bring you the ice. Sequins and all things sparkly are everywhere this season and I just LOVE it. Sequins can be found lavished on everything -- from festive dresses and tops to this year’s fresh crop of blazers, vests and leggings.

Sequins can be the epitome of glamour and bring out the shine in everyone (not including your bubbly personality), but this year, sequins can also strike a casual tone.

Fabulous women know that wearing sparkling sequins take center stage. A sequined top or dress really makes a statement when going out to a cocktail party or dinner. Worn with the right pieces, you can pull off the sequined look during the day or at night. The secret is to team the sequined part with more tailored clothing such as structured jackets and pretty pumps or casual styles like jeans and a basic cardigan. Have fun discovering all the unexpected ways to add sequins to your wardrobe. But be careful, the risk of dressing with too much sequins is you will look like you are dressing too young, making you appear looking older. And we don't want that to happen. Here are some ways to add sequins to your life:

A true stand out piece from Phillip Lim with gold, silver and bronze sequins. Partner it with black opaque leggings and towering heels and you'll be set for New Year's shine.

I'm torn between these two gems. The one above from Top Shop OR...

....this one from Forever 21.

A classic cardigan is a closet staple. But this one from J. Crew turns glamorous when embellished with sequins. I love this cardigan because it can be worn dressed up or down.

This draped sequined vest from A Common Thread adds a shimmery touch to your LBD or tank top. This simple addition will transform your feminine frock to one with a flashy edge.

Get up on the dance floor with these sequined leggings from LaRok. Just be sure to wear it with something long.

Of course accessories are a quick and easy way to add a touch of fabulousness to any outfit. Whether you add a pair of shoes, a bag, a scarf or even a delicate hair piece, you can instantly glitz up your look. Here are a couple of ways:
This clutch from Judith Leiber adds plenty of elegant sparkle.

This crinkled silk scarf from Juicy Couture adds a playful touch to all your looks.

Keep your shoulder warm and add radiate shine to your face with this convertible sequined cowl from Free People.

What do you think of all the shimmering sequins available? Are you inspired to dazzle this holiday season? Let me know in the comment section below.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Fabulous Fridays: Chic Military Style To Battle Winter Weather

With a cold and snowy weekend predicted for up and down the east coast, I'm going to be curled up on the couch wearing my flannel pajamas in front of my TV with a big mug of coffee. Horray! But naturally I’ll get hunger pains and be longing for human contact. So how do you properly prepare to do battle with the wintry elements and stay fashionable.

To me, a snow day uniform with top honors goes to a sharp military coat, sleek waterproof boots and a long leather gloves. This snowy day uniform gets my fashion medal.

The military fashion trend is still raging and I’ve seen many military coats on the streets of Manhattan that call me to attention. I love their tiny details like shiny gold buttons that can transform any basic coat into a gorgeous, sophisticated one. There are many different styles of military coats. Here are a few of my favorites.

This military style from Roberto Cavalli feels more feminine with glorious blooms of floral embroidery.

A classic military coat from Marc by Marc Jacobs is simply stunning and will look sharp on any city street. I love the long length because it will keep my legs nice and warm.

A military number by Searle becomes more chic with a high neck and bronze buttons. The cropped length helps you to march around with ease.

Of course, once you have the military coat, you’ll need all the fashion accessories from your head down to your toes to complete the glamorous look.

Felted wool military-inspired cap from Jacqueline Lamont.

Long black leather gloves with cashmere lining from Portolano.

Waterproof boots by Cole Haan are warm, stylish and look great with jeans tucked into them as well.

So with that, I hope everyone is safe this weekend and remember, just because the weather outside is frightful, doesn't mean you can't look delightful.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Keeping Chic All Winter Long

Winter is just days away. I know how challenging it can be to look stylish without sacrificing the warmth. Shoving your hands in your pockets and burrowing deep into your coat so it looks like you forgot your neck isn’t your best look. But I’m here to help you stay chic and cozy warm throughout the cold winter months.

To me, there’s no season more fashionable than winter. I believe there are so many more options to dress with style. I love all the textured tights, high boots and deliciously soft sweaters. And, as a knitter for going on 10 years, I have more hats, scarves and gloves than I know what to do with.

Here are some tips for you to stay stylish, look sizzling and not be mistaken for the Michelin Man.

Invest in a durable yet chic winter jacket. I recommend buying neutral colors like black, gray, brown and camel. It keeps it classic and it goes with your entire wardrobe. Since your winter coat is most likely to be the center piece of your look and the first piece of clothing people will notice, it is important to make your purchase wisely. I’ve always admired winter white coats. But be careful, because like snow on the second day, it just isn’t as pretty. If you want a puffer coat, choose one with flattering seaming for a more slim silhouette.

Trench style meets winter chic in this double-breasted coat from Mackage. I love the slight balloon effect on the sleeves and the waist-defining leather belt. Plus the brown color will go with everything in your closet.

A good way to accessorize your coat with hats, scarves and gloves and/or mittens - obviously. It’s just so necessary. These fashionable accessories are fun to add to your new coat and can easily change your entire ensemble, while at the same time keeping you toasty warm. Here are some suggestions


I love hats. Everyone knows that heat leaves your body through your head so what better way to keep warm than a cute, versatile hat. I love the beret hats. They are totally vintage and can pull your look together.

The perfect way to top off your winter look is with this crochet beret from Eugenia Kim.


Now what is more elegant and chic than long gloves. Not only do the longer gloves keep the chill out, they also help protect your hands from becoming dry and chapped. Nothing gives away your age more than this.

This cashmere elbow-length gloves from keeps the cold out and the warmth in and updates any LBD on a cold night.


Finish your look with a chunky scarf. Not only do they add your personality to your winter look, it also helps protect you against the elements. I love scarfs. They come in such a wide variety of fabrics, colors and styles. Scarves add that extra oomph.

Other ways to update your winter look -- Layer like crazy. Go ahead and play with lengths. Wear a three-quarter sweater with a cute, thin top. Layers can make a plain sweater super chic, just don’t look homeless. Natural fibers such as cotton and cashmere are best for providing warmth and utter comfort

Boots are made for walking in the winter. Tall boots are a classic go-to style for any well-heeled woman. If you want to take your look beyond the super comfy Ugg’s, go for a tall boot with a rugged heel to help you stay warm, look chic and make walking comfortable. You can wear these boots with just about anything - from dresses to skinny jeans to leggings. Also, why not add a pair of leg warmers for more warmth.

These Yvette boots from Born make style and comfort go hand-in-hand.

I’m loving the oversized cowl or snood. One of my favorite fashions to emerge this winter is the oversized cowl, infinity scarf or snood. In fact, I’m wearing the one I just made right now. Snood is a British word that sounds so funny to my years. Anyway you say it, these endless scarves are everywhere this season.

I found this cozy cowl in and love the fierce color.

Finally, don’t forget your sunglasses. It adds that glamorous finish in any season. Besides, I love them for covering the dark circles. Also, very necessary.

It’s so easy to be chic and fabulous this winter! And with the right pieces, you’ll be excited to bundle up too!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Get The Look Of Smoky Eyes From Estée Lauder

Don’t you just love smoky eyes. How can you not? I mean they are just smokin’ hot. And, even better, they are a fun, festive look for all those holiday parties and New Year’s celebrations.

For us 40ish something’s, smoky eyes can never go out of style. If you want to create this smoldering look, just don’t put powder along the eye, as you don’t want anything settling into lines in those areas. Remember, you don’t have to use dark colors to make a statement. Silvers and grays work magic on the eyes as well.

If you are looking for something a little more demure and classic like Natalie Portman’s flawless look at the Brothers premiere than the gothic style of the Queen of Smoky Eyes Avril Lavigne, you should head right over to the Estée Lauder counter and check out their latest Blacker Than Black collection.

Now beautifully bold, dramatic eyes are just a wave of the wand away. Don’t be shy, make your eyes the center of attention. Estée Lauder’s new Blacker Than Black eye collection features SIX of the makeup giant's most popular mascara formulas, each in a richer, more concentrated, more dramatic shade for eyes that appear bigger, bolder, more dramatic.

Estée Lauder's new collection of rich, intensely saturated black mascaras help create bold, dramatic eyes.

That’s a real treat for those of you who are like me and always searching for that perfect mascara.

Because the mascara is so concentrated, it creates a contrast that defines and frames the eyes for a look that is at once highly sophisticated and utterly alluring. And, whether your look calls for lashes that are lengthened, defined, volumized, lifted and curved, you can achieve the look you want as each of these luxe mascaras offer the same unique benefits as their original formulas, but now with the deepest, intense jet black effect.

To achieve the intense jet black color, the scientists at EL maximized color intensity and opacity using select Carbon Black and Black Iron Oxides and put the pigment through an ultrasonic process. The result is pure, dramatic and intense.

The mascara are here only for a limited time, but I’m placing my bets that the need for blacker than black mascara will encourage the powers that be at EL to keep this fierce collection around longer than the glue that holds your false lashes.

You can complete the look with the Blacker Than Black collection’s new Signature Eyeshadow Quad in four sultry, beautifully smoky shades that add even more to the bold look. The eyeshadow features a silky, microfine powder that won’t crease, gliding smoothly onto lids and blending seamlessly for a flawless look. In addition, try out the Double Wear Stay-in-Place Eye Pencil in an intense black shade that adds definition and perfectly complements the mascara’s rich black hue.

Estée Lauder's new eyeshadow quad is perfect for sultry, smoky accents on your eyes.

Classic beauty Natalie Portman's smoky eyes and nude lips are absolutely flawless at the Brothers' premiere...

...but songstress Avril Lavigne's famous or infamous dark, smoky eyes make her look like she's been punched in the face.

So go ahead, celebrate the holiday season and light up the night with your smoky eyes. You’ll might even see yourself being admired by the roving eyes of others when rocking out this sexy look.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Look Who's Becoming 40 and Fabulous

I hit a milestone this weekend. As of Saturday, there are only three months left until I hit the big 4-0. That's one quarter. Yikes! But I share this with lots of famous people - Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Campbell, Tina Fey and Gabrielle Reece to name just a few. Additionally, we also share the big 4-0 with major historical events - The World Trade Center was completed, Earth Day was celebrated for the first time and the floppy disc was invented.

40 is HUGE. They say it is only a number, but I'm still on the fence to loathe it or celebrate it.

I grew up on playing Simon and Atari and watching MTV, and, yes, I still think the programming rocks. We lived for John Huges films, Cheers, Cosby Show and Mash. I went to college with a word processor and a VCR, but I also remember having to share a community phone on our dormitory floor. I sent out my resume on resume paper, not over the Internet. I'm at the age now when I remember my parents turning 40 and it seemed so old then.

Now, on the cusp of turning 40, we leave the party a little bit earlier to attend to our children or have a early morning spin class. Hangovers seem to last for days now.

What has happened to our Generation? Have we lost our edge?

They called us hopeless, unmotivated and slackers who liked to wear grunge clothing and listen to alternative rock music.

That was the label assigned to us, but I don't think it stuck. Us Generation Xer's are changing the world.

As we move into our prime, we're in a good place. For me, turning 40 seems easier than turning 30. When I was 30, life was full of uncertainties and worries about what people thought about me. At 40, while life will always have its share of the unknowns, I have certainly lived a full life to know I can handle almost every situation and have earned a certain sense of confidence that I didn't have when I was 30.

Though I'm not exactly where I pictured myself nearing 40 (I still don't know what I want my next job to be), I am married to a wonderful husband, own our apartment and have an unbelievable group of friends that I count on for all of life's triumphs and challenges. I am older, wiser and wittier. I am more sure of myself, have traveled the world and, of course, so much more fabulous. I also feel I'm in much better shape today than I was in my 30's when I was a smoker.

Birthdays are always a time to reflect on your past, your future and turning 40 takes that to a whole new level. As I turn 40, the most important things will be my family and friends and living my life as positive as I can and on my own terms.

After all, life is supposed to really begin after 40. (at least that's what I'll be telling myself).

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Little Black Dress, Reinterpreted

With the economy in the toilet and the holiday party season in full swing, your little black dress is more important than ever. Oh, the many places I’ve gone with my little black dress. This dress is the perfect date for weddings and can help you look put together at work. But the little black dress also can be penciled in for fun lunches with friends and casual dinner dates with style and ease. It’s simply the most versatile piece you can own, and probably already do, and is worth the extra splurge for a good one.

I once did a week long test where I wore the same basic black dress all week and just mixed up the secondary players. I wore the black dress one day with knee-high boots, another day with colorful tights, one day with a contrasting cardigan, by adding loads of chunky goldtone necklaces and teamed with a motorcycle jacket. Of course, no one noticed.

With a few fun accessories and your imagination, you can instantly transform you LBD into a chic wonder without breaking the bank. Dress up your LBD with jewelry, a metallic shoe, a colorful clutch, interesting tights or a dramatic wrap.

To begin, you can channel the classic style of Audrey Hepburn with a single strand of pearl at the neck and a matching pair of studs in your ears. For added flourish, add heap loads of pearl necklaces at varying lengths. You can also add a colorful or neutral shoe. Of course, my favorite holiday accessory is a red lip. It’s always classic and happens to be in style again the year.

Why not add a little sparkle to the dress with rhinestone chandelier earrings or armloads of bracelets. Wear your hair pulled back into a playful ponytail to get maximum exposure. I love these chandelier earrings from Henri Bendel. They are party perfect and can really brighten up your look.

For a shiny look, wear your little black dress with metallic shoes or a chic clutch. Just remember, keep the metallics in the same family. So wear gold with gold and silver with silver. These metallic leather open-toe booties can add the perfect touch of glamour to your little black dress. Plus the signature red sole adds a pop of color.

Create a little leg interest when you're tired of your basic black dress. Just add textured and patterned hose in various colors. They bring great flair to the little black dress as well as mini skirts, winter shorts and pencil skirts. These crochet wool tights from Top Shop adds a sexy finish to the little black dress.

Partner your little black dress with a sequined belt. It’s totally unexpected and flatters your waistline. This adorable elastic belt from DKNY is a great one and I just love the flirty bow to polish it off.

Dress it up. The little black dress may be a staple for just about every occasion, but take it a step further with a great topper. I found this St. John Knit Marabou feather shawl on Ebay. It would make a great addition to my army of black dresses.

The ideas are endless, but you get the picture. Not only do accessories help to accentuate your figure, but accessories also allow you to express your creative side and let your personality shine through. Just think of the little black dress as your blank canvas and you can add colors and textures to create your master piece. There is a treasure to be found in consignment shops, Ebay, departments stores and even your Mom’s jewelry boxes.

Tonight I'm going to Michael's office holiday party. I'll post a picture later of how he and I accessorized. But let me know in the comments what you do to add a touch of pizazz to your classic LBD.