Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm Addicted: Kiehl's Crème de Corps

Well, it’s official. Beach weather has clearly moved on for sweater weather. And as you all know, now is the time to make sure you moisturize and protect your skin. I’m obsessed with the Crème de Corps from Kiehl’s. It’s amazing! I use it all the time! Its thick texture, non-greasy formula is perfect for dry or flaking skin and at the same time it provides the very necessary protection against sun damage. And yes, even winter sun rays can negatively affect you so use this gently moisturizer daily. This rich, creamy body lotion leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and beautifully moisturized. It is so easy to apply. Simply slather allover your body after your bath or shower and allow time for it to soak before dressing. It’s made from beta-carotene (a naturally derived antioxidant), cocoa butter (used to soften and lubricate the skin) and sesame oil (a refined moisturizing oil that absorbs easily and softens the skin). Hint: make sure you apply daily to your décolletage and hands. They are the first area to show signs of aging because they are exposed more often to the sun. Best of all, Kiehl’s doesn’t test on animals. The body lotion is available at, and

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Saving Strategies That Make Sense

For me, turning 40 is a time of great financial need. Never before have I faced such important money matters as I am right now. I am feeling the full weight of all my responsibilities and trying to get my financial house in order. I am saving for a bigger home, trying to come out of debt while setting up a nest egg for my future. When you finally reach your 40s, it seems the party has ended, and you now have so many more important places and ways to spend and save your money.

Hopefully by this time, we’ve learned the value of the dollar and where to invest. The good news is even after this past year’s financial mess, we still have plenty of time to recoup the losses. And if you started saving right after college, good for you, you are well ahead of me. But if you like me and haven’t saved too much (or none at all), don’t panic. It’s never too late to save. You just have to make tough choices.

I asked my trusty financial advisor what his advice was were on navigating these daunting times and helping me become more financially savvy.

My retirement plans are piling up:

My first goal is to curb my dangerous shopping habit and eliminate all my debt so I’m no longer paying interest on things I’ve already purchased and probably can’t even name. In the past, I’ve periodically called up my credit card company and asked if they would lower my interest rate. Another trick I’ve done is make major purchases like my MacBook on a credit card with zero interest. I just make sure I’m finishing paying off the credit card before the zero interest deal is over. Be sure to canceled that credit card because you really don’t need any more than two.

My second goal is to pay myself and save enough money for a house and even retirement one day.

To start saving, you should put as much money away in your company’s pre-tax 401k savings plan, a retirement fund like a roth ira or other tax-advantaged avenues.

Further, there are lots of little things we can do in these trying times, some of which you may not like, but they will make a difference in the long run. Look around at your expenses, I’m sure there are places where you can trim you expenses like expensive coffee, blow-outs and take-out lunches. While it is definitely nice to have these “things”, they are not necessities and can help making ends meet.

Another quick area to cut back is on expensive beauty products and services and learning to shop at drug stores and lower-priced department stores. (this one is especially rough, but retailers are still struggling and there will be a lot of great sales this holiday season). You can also cut out personal training -- this is a luxury and is another great way for women to save a lot of money. “These things are nice, but you have to get rid of it,” he said.

I also asked my good friend Paula, who works on the distressed debt sales and trading group at Morgan Stanley, what her thoughts were on savings and where to put it. Her suggestion: Diversify. Spread your assets around in money market accounts as well as the stock market to maximize your goals and minimize your risks.

So is the recent rise in the stock market mean it’s a good time to go back in the game?

As long as you’re investing with high-quality, blue-chip companies like Procter & Gamble rather fly-by-the-night opportunities, Paula said.

Still, Paula believes, as do I, you still need to reward yourself. “Treating yourself is also taking care of yourself,” Paula said. “It’s about making conscious decisions about what and where you spend your money.”

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fabulous Fridays: Hand Me Some Shea Butter Hand Cream

Hi there fabulous friends. I’m so excited to share with you the first edition Fabulous Fridays, where I’ll feature something cool, amazing and truly worthy. It could be a product, restaurant, destination, etc, so tune in every Friday (if you aren’t already) and check out what you’re sure to love.

One of my worst habits is picking my cuticles until they bleed. I know. It’s really disgusting. When I went for my wedding dress fittings I would have to wear band-aides around my fingers. I have tried all types of hand creams and they are allover our apartment. But I finally found the ultimate hand cream. In my opinion, nothing is as superior as the smoothing and creamy texture of L’Occitane’s best-selling Shea Butter Hand Cream. My hands and cuticles just love its simple, yet luxurious feeling. It’s made from a synergy of 20% shea butter, honey and sweet almond extract, blended with the light and alluring aromas of jasmine and ylang-ylang essences, to fight and protect dry and dehydrated skin. It also contains vitamin E for nourishment. This amazing balm glides on and absorbs quickly right into your hard-working hands without leaving a greasy layer. It’s super moisturizing, leaving your hands really soft. While the hefty $26 for a 5.2 ounce tube or $10 for a 1 ounce tube is a tad steep, a little goes a long way and your hands will applaud you. I know mine do. Sometimes I use this in lieu of a manicure and my hands still look amazing. You can purchase this miracle work at, and

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm Not Living In Cougar Town

I was planning to write a post on Cougar Town. I wanted to give the show the benefit of the doubt despite the stupid title. I was hoping it would be a funny show about dynamic women in their 40s, how perfect. Instead, the half-hour show reeked of desperation in its double-standard clichés and was written with fourth grade humor. After five minutes, I realized my time would be better spent sorting my sock drawer. Find something better to do next Wednesday night at 9:30. Have a fabulous day.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hair Styles To Rock You

Last week’s fashion shows may dictate what we will be wearing on our backs next Spring, but it is also telling of the new hair and makeup styles. If you think for one second you can’t pull of those fabulous looks worn by our younger sisters, to follow are some helpful hints to help you achieve similar results.

Great style is ageless.

I just sat in Rodney Dion Hicks’ chair, guru stylist at New Yorks’ Dop Dop salon and portfolio artist with to change up my appearance. I refer to him as my personal hair architect and he has done magic. I wanted a shorter yet sexy look and I emerged two hours later, with a glitter in my eyes, my head held slightly higher and an extra bounce in my step.

My new short and sexy hair:

“One of the things I personally think women in their 40s should look for is more of a signature look,” Hicks said. “You aren’t looking to be trendy at that age, you are definitely sophisticated and very professional.” In addition, Hicks noted that women in their 40s may have young kids so it is about stepping into your own.

Take a look at the famous hair styles of fashionable women of our times like Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry and Sheryl Crowe. They have a tried and true hair styles that when you look at them you immediately know them.

“All of these women you recognize because of their look,” Hicks added. “Your look can vary -- it can be shorter or longer -- but it shouldn't have to change the essence of your style.”

Don’t worry that you will be stuck with your new signature look forever. “When I think of a signature look, it is not something you have to stay with, but it evolves,” Hicks said.

Start off at a certain length and you can always change it down the road. You can change the length, tone the color down or even add highlights to bring more dimension to the cut.

So what are some of the hot looks this fall/winter. Two ways to energize your style this fall and keep your look fresh and current is creating a rock ‘n roll look with an edgy feel or a folk look with big, loose and soft curls. “You want to create a feeling inspired by what is happening in fashion today,” he said, adding he would tone down those looks and make it more simple, less extreme for a woman in her 40s.

me (in Christian Francis Roth) and Rodney:

Another way to approach your new look is to go over your lifestyle with your hair stylist. Take the time to discuss your personality, goals and how much time you want to spend devoted to your hair in the mornings.

“Are you one to spend a lot of time on your hair or are you low maintenance but want to look chic,” Hicks said. “It’s about creating a customized look that works for you.”

But, Hicks warned women not to wear their hair too long. “You don’t want to look 16 from behind but 60 when you turn around,” he said. He also suggested if you want to have a strong hair color or highlights, you should go for a subtle hair cut. “You don’t want both to be strong,” he said.

So now you are ready for a fresh new hair cut and color that will make you look younger, fabulous and lift your spirits!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish: Get Glowing

Now that it’s officially Autumn, my attention has turned to scrubbing and exfoliating away all the harsh elements of summer - the sun, surf and sand as well as the leftover grime from outdoor cycling - while leaving it extra moisturized for the rough winter months ahead.

I’ve always loved all Fresh products. I find the they work great, smell wonderful and make my skin feel incredible. My all-time favorite is the Brown Sugar Body Polish. It is simply the best body scrub I’ve ever used, bar none. It stimulates the body, leaving your skin ridiculously smooth, nourished and glowing all-day and all-night long. In fact, it is so moisturizing, I don’t even need to use a body moisturizer on my skin afterwards.

It gently exfoliates, leaving your skin silky soft and invigorated, but also remarkably more radiant, thanks to its natural citrus oils. And if that wasn’t enough, it smells like freshly bakes cookies with a hint of lemon, leaving your whole bathroom your own yummy sanctuary of beauty worship. At $65 for this 14.3 jar of happiness, it is certainly worth every penny.

What makes this body scrub so magical -- It blends pure brown sugar crystals (which prevent moisture loss while buffing away dry skin cells) with a sweet melody of four precious hydrating and nourishing oils of evening primrose, sweet almond, apricot kernel and jojoba to naturally exfoliate and revitalize your skin. The formula is enriched with softening passion flower oils and energizing ginseng. It even smoothes out your roughest areas like your knees, elbows and even the soles of your feet.

But this body polish, the first of its kind and a Hollywood favorite, is gentle enough to use year round and is especially essential to use as your skin ages to keep your skin nourished and prevent losing precious moisture. That youthful glow you long for is yours for the having.

To use it, use a heaping scoop of the body polish in a warm shower and massage all over into your skin and rinse. It penetrates the skin, leaving you perfectly moisturized and feeling so fresh and feminine. Not only is it utterly pampering and a true delight, it is also a great stress release after a trying day. I especially love to use it before a night out: it lifts my mood, makes my skin feel so irresistible and smells delicious.

Fresh is celebrating 10 years of sugar with an extraordinary gift set that is sure to help you create a wonderful spa experience at home. The set includes a 14.1 ounce jar of the original Brown Sugar Body Polish, a 3.4 oz. Brown Sugar Body Cream, an ultra-rich cream that serves as the perfect companion to the polish, and a limited-edition, 8.8 ounce Brown Sugar artisanal oval soap. The gift set is available at, and and retails for $75.

This body polish does come with a warning: You or maybe someone else won’t be able to stop touching your skin because it have never felt so soft. You won’t know how you lived without it.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Meet The New Ann Taylor

Ann is HOT!!!!

Ann Taylor unveiled its new fall/holiday 2009 collection last night at the New York Public Library and the show, “See Now, Wear Now”, was a true transformation of the brand that evoked images of tailored clothing for the soccer moms to the new, modern Ann.

When I moved to Washington, D.C. to work at The New York Times after college sixteen years ago, I hit up the Ann Taylor store at Crystal City mall in northern Virginia and bought a whole bevy of “I’m now a working woman” power suits, pants and jackets. I think I looked like every young woman marching to work.

So when my friend Kristin told me about this fashion show, I was skeptical. After all, while my taste in clothing has become more current, Ann has remained the same.

Clearly I was wrong.

For her debut collection, designer Lisa Axelson created chic, cosmopolitan pieces infused with Ann Taylor’s spirited personality. Fashionable and sophisticated looks are crafted in luscious cashmere, luxurious silks and innovative stretch wool. The result is a vibrant, feminine collection that exudes confidence and beauty.

“Ann Taylor is such an iconic brand, we wanted to represent Ann’s heritage while defining a new modern femininity,” Lisa Axelson said. “By creating pieces that transcend the typical boundaries between the boardroom, weekend and nightlife wardrobe, we were able to put together a stylish collection with a whole lot of personalty and versatility.”

Ann Taylor held it's first live fashion show during New York's Fashion Week:

While there are still plenty of safe wardrobing options for work, Ann Taylor created clothing I really love again. They were chic, smart and oh-so versatile. The pants looked more fitted and had stretch lining and the knits were especially beautiful and timeless. I especially loved the black sheath dress with exposed front zipper and the cropped jacket with three-quarter sleeves for it’s vintage appeal.

The oversized sparkling jewelry, the “power sandals” with attached pom poms and feathers as well as the brightly-hued belts took the clothes up a fashion notch.

The night fell on the last day of New York’s Fashion week and brought out the who’s who of the fashion elite like Glamour’s Cindi Leive, Harper’s Bazaar’s Glenda Bailey, Allure’s Linda Well and Elle’s Joe Zee as well as stars including “Ugly Betty’s” Vanessa Williams, Mena Suvari and “Gossip Girl’s” Kelly Rutherford.

Gossip Girl's Kelly Rutherford at the Ann Taylor fashion show:

Ann Taylor hit it out of the ballpark with this fabulous fall/holiday collection. But the two best parts about it are: the looks are available right now at the stores and they are very affordable. Nice. I just love the instant gratification after such a tremendous show.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

From The Front Row: Nanette, LC and Me

I felt like Dorothy in the land of Oz.

Ohio-native Nanette Lepore succeeded in her Spring 2010 fashion show to summon a feeling of wearable optimism through a tropical maze of teal blues, sunny yellows, oranges and hot pinks. The swingy dresses, adorable tops and uber-cute shorts came alive in saturated hues and a few khaki colors to tone it down a notch. Floral and striped patterns were artfully mixed together in a playful way to form one colorful rainbow.

Some of the more colorful looks from Nanette Lepore's Spring 2010 collection:

Nanette Lepore and her daughter walk the runway:

I’ve always been a fan of Nanette Lepore gypsy-like spirit. I love that her free-spirited designs are always fun, feminine and flirty. I have always been keen on her jackets, which are always smartly tailored and feature an eye-catching detail. I also love her dresses with their unique color combinations and prints.

Another big Nanette fan is former Hill’s star Lauren Conrad who sat in the front row directly across from where I perched and who looked amazing in a mint green dress by Nanette.

I can’t wait for the pieces to land in stores about February 2010. They were just beautiful and strike the right note when the weather is hot or you’re headed to an island vacation. Which reminds me, I need to figure out where I’m going in two months to celebrate my one-year wedding anniversary...any suggestions?

The Great Shampoo Swap

Are you ready for a free shampoo upgrade courtesy of legendary hair stylist Frederic Fekkai? I know I am.

Then head over to Saks Fifth Avenue today (September 17) for the first ever Shampoo Swap. Just bring ANY full-sized shampoo you are currently using (doesn’t have to be full) and simply exchange it for one full-sized 8 oz. bottle of your choice from the new Fekkai Advanced shampoo collection (a $23 value). It’s only for one day and while supplies last. One per customer. In-store only.

There are three types of shampoo in this new collection -- Brilliant Glossing, Salon Technician Color Care and Full Blown Volume. I’m hoping for the Full Blown Volume with its mint/lime fragrance. Sounds amazing!

The inspiration behind this event is to showcase the updated hair line. The Fekkai Advanced collection redefines the original Fekkai product families, elevating them with new technologies, textures and fragrances.

A company spokesman said Fekkai still uses most of the same great formula the brand has used since its inception 15-years ago, but felt the time was now to upgrade it with the newer technology. “We are the first brand to bring luxury hair care to the market and we want to continue to be a pioneer in the field,” she said.

Click here for the list of participating Saks stores:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

From The Front Row: Willow and Tibi

I have always loved going to fashion shows and last night I was lucky enough to be invited to two - Willow and Tibi. All the glitz and glamour - the towering heels, the sparkling jewelry, the daring outfits - all under one tent never seems to lose any of its unadulterated extravagance for me.

The Australian-based designer Kit Willow presented a cool, chic collection, perfect for the strong, modern woman. The strong embellishments, smart tailoring had me at hello, but all the shimmering metallic detailing on many of the pieces were truly special. The designer did a fabulous job of blending featherweight fabrics with intricate shimmering extras, creating pieces that are both opulent and wearable at once. Taking inspiration from the Great Barrier Reef, the collection is about a new relaxed dressing with a structured silhouette, drawing color and texture from the rare beauty of Australia’s protected natural wonder. Willow continues the strong shoulder trend from this fall with high-structured collars and defined padded shoulders to give jackets a fresh, strong silhouette.

Shining moment from the Willow fashion show:

Next up I had the honor of meeting some of the fashion and beauty industry’s top titans backstage at the Tibi New York fashion show -- makeup artist extradinaire Bobbi Brown and Tibi’s designer and founder Amy Smilovic. The scene was calm chaos as Bobbi applied electric shadows to the lids of the model.

I have always loved Bobbi Brown. I’ve grown up on her subtle shades so was curious how she would apply the candy-colored hues.

“They definitely wanted some bold strong color to go with the show,” Brown said backstage. “The collection is really about strong color.” On the model Bobbi applied a bold fuschia on the lid and yellow on the inside and under the brow bone and a very bright green under the eye. On the rest of the face, she used concealer foundation, a little peach on the cheek and a very sheer nude lip.

Bobbi’s tip to make the runway look more Main Street: She said to go with softer pinks like a muted sandy pink, but always with a black liner for added definition.

Makeup guru Bobbi Brown adds a touch of color at the Tibi New York fashion show:

Tibi’s designer and founder Amy Smilovic, who looked stunning in a black and white laser-cut dress, said the collection was inspired by lush gardens and abstract florals in icy pastels mixed with intensely saturated colors. The pieces were unabashedly pretty and feminine, but decidedly minimal and not too precious.

The collection was truly amazing and looked like a summer's garden walking down the runway. I'm sure the pieces will look just fabulous on your next exotic holiday. I especially loved the sweet, girly looks in tropical colors and vivid prints as well as a few in a striking black and white palette. I also thought the beautiful origami laser-cut dress and skirt were truly remarkable for its sharp design.

Sweet and colorful looks from the Tibi New York fashion show:

Stay tuned tomorrow for my takes on the Nanette Lepore's fashion show.

Monday, September 14, 2009

My First Triathlon...Day of Champions

I did it! I am now a triathlete! I finished the Title 9 Women’s Only Triathlon in Hopkinton, Mass. in a mere 1 hour, 38 minutes. What a great day. What a wonderful experience. Besides the emotional high from finishing, the event itself served as a great motivator to getting into shape (and now staying in shape)…and also a great way to meet people. To follow is how the day went for me…including some tips on those thinking about (come on – you can do it!!!) competing in a tri.

Saturday morning, my husband Michael and I drove up to the New England area and stayed with my beautiful sorority sister Theresa and her husband Pete. About 4 months ago, Theresa asked all of our friends if we would join her in this amazing endeavor as she counted down to her 40th birthday this November. I didn’t hesitate. Neither did our fellow Sigma sister Shannon. So the three of us entered the race as newbies – looking forward to becoming bona-fide triathletes. I know, I can’t believe it myself.

Looking fierce: me, Theresa and Shannon are determined at the start of our first-ever tri:

Game Day. We woke at 5 am to a breakfast of champions (peanut butter toast) and headed off for the 8 am start. I accidently signed up with the elite crowd so when I parked my bike next to them, needless to say I was just a little bit anxious (Lucky I did switch to the newbie wave).

Our first event was a 1/4 mile swim in the icy waters of the Hopkinton reservoir. This was the toughest leg as I have never swam in the open water, which made me extremely nervous. I was used to the comforts of the 80 degree waters of my pool at Equinox, where each swimmer has their own lane. After the first few waves took off, we got into the water and waited for the countdown. Let me tell you nothing can prepare you for the darkness, choppiness of the waves and 50 other swimmers thrashing by you. I felt like I was paddling nowhere and quickly fell back, and far. It was just brutal, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t see, I felt dizzy, I wanted to give up. But I was committed and did make through, on my back, in about 25 minutes.

Next up with the 10-mile bike ride through the hilly park roads. Luckily, I found my bike rather quickly since I was among the last to finish the swim. I was ready -- biking is my strength and the longest leg of the race -- and I hoped to make up some of the ground I lost. I quickly dried off, got my bike gear on and started on a hill. The roads were slick from all the rain and the hills were tough, but nothing I haven’t experienced before. I absolutely loved this portion of the race, especially because I was able to pass a lot of people. I was making good time.

Title 9 Bike Course:

I rode downhill to the transition area, where I saw Michael, cheering me on, saying I crushed this portion.

The final portion was the 5-k run inside this scenic park. While in the transition area, I was exhilarated but was feeling the burn in my legs. I knew I can easily run the 3 miles, but I never practiced brick training. I changed into my socks and sneakers and started running (the wrong way – classic me). Once on the right route, my legs felts like logs but I remembered to keep my strides short. I started up a hill, which made it easier for me to keep my steps short. I was feeling great, cruising through the miles, feeling on top of the world. I felt like such a champion with the other participants and crowds pushing me along the course and eventually through the finish line. I found Michael, my biggest fan, and received my medal. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done and I earned every 1,234 calories I burned. I’m especially proud of both Thersa and Shannon (We did it ladies!!!). Also, Shannon came in first place in the newbie category (20th overall) -- she finished in 1 hour, 12 minutes.

I learned a lot during the training and participating in my first triathlon, some of it I will take with me for my next race. The biggest thing I learned was that nothing beats training outdoors. Cycling was my strongest leg because I have peddled thousands of miles in the US and in Europe and know what it feels like to have the road beneath me. Conversely, my swim was the weakest because I had absolutely no experience swimming in open waters. I also recommend buying a triathlon-specific wetsuit. This would have made a huge difference. Not only would I be warmer, but the wetsuit will make you more buoyant, lifting you ever so slightly out of the water and thus help to make you swim faster while using less energy.

Another tip -- start training for your triathlon about 2 months before the event with small workout sessions so your body isn’t thrown into shock and slowly work you way up. Mix up your training across all three disciplines each week rather than focus on only one leg. By varying your workouts you prevent boredom, increase your stamina and prevent demotivation.

But always remember to listen to your body. You don’t want to overwork your muscles. That will only lead to injury. You know when you are ready to push yourself to the next level when your workouts start to feel easier. And just as important as your workout regime is to maintain a healthy diet with lots of protein to assist your muscle recovery. Finally, on the day of the race and what may have added to my time by about 5 minutes is to be organized as well as practice the transitions and know your routes. You are going to bring a lot of equipment with you. You don’t want to waste time untying your running sneakers and going the wrong way on the course, both of which I did and lost precious time.

And the winners are: me, Shannon and Theresa

Now we're ready for the next triathlon. All the hard work was rewarded once we crossed that finish line.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Uptown, Downtown...Fashion's Night To Shine

It was as if the entire city was a catwalk.

To pump some life back into the fall shopping season, retail stores throughout the world kept their doors open late, poured the champagne and raised the energy level to another level Thursday during the first ever Fashion’s Night Out.

I spent the night in New York City. It was really simply incredible. Every shopping area of the big apple was wild all as celebrities, fashion designers, models an everyday people hopped in and out of stores, danced in the street and even enjoyed some BBQ late into the night.

You really have to hand it to Anna Wintour who set up shop in the outer boroughs at the Macy’s at the Queens Center mall in Elmhurst for putting together such a spectacular night. Everyone loved it. It was like Halloween for the fashion crowd.

My friends Havona and fellow blogger Kristin started out in the Meatpacking District at the Nary Manivong Spring 2010 show. The line from the new Latino fashion designer were both cool and wearable in bright colors and fluid fabrics. From there we passed Perry Street, the home of Carrie Bradshaw on the show “Sex and the City”. Here, Teen Voguand Taylor Momsen of “Gossip Girl” teamed up and rallied the troops with live music and a fashion show. From there, we descended upon SoHo. We watched the Julie Haus fashion show. Her charming Spring 2010 collection was inspired by the spirt and creativity of Charlie Chaplin. “Each piece is meant to bring a tiny bit of happiness,” Haus said of the line. The tops, rompers and dresses had subtle patterns and soft hues to bring a delicate touch of color to your wardrobe.

From there we weaved our way through the crowded streets along Spring Streets and W. Broadway. We stopped into Channel where they offered free manicures; Burberry where you were greeted by gorgeous models offering a refreshing glass of champagne (doesn’t this always happen when you shop); Theory where they had 13 installation of their fall looks styled by Vogue editors and celebrity stylists; Custo Barcelona and my personal favorite Elie Tahari, where I had the chance to talk to the designer about his safari-themed Spring collection. We ended up at Rachel Roy’s pop-up shop where the urban-edged fashion designer and Grammy Award winning songbird Estelle hosted the party. Guests were standing wall-to-wall while listening to the tunes spun by Lady Bunny and sipping some delicious bubbly. Also on hand was famed New York graffiti artist SenOne who was working on a limited edition graffiti collection. I just loved this brick-patterned trench coat, each one personally designed by the artist so no two are alike.

Let’s hope the great feelings from the night continues. That would be so fabulous.

Never Forget

May we always remember September 11, 2001. Please take a moment to reflect those that were lost and be thankful for the heros among us.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fashion's Night Out

Tomorrow night (Thursday), free your calendars, grab your best girlfriends and be prepared to shop 'til you drop. Stores will be open late as it's Fashion's Night Out and I'm on board. Fashion's Night Out, sponsored by Vogue and CFDA, is the fashion world's spectacular response to get us shopping again to save the global economy. All around the world, the fashion sect is set to party all night long with coordinating shopping extravaganzas in the retail meccas of the world including my very own New York City, London, Italy, France, Brazil and Japan, among others. There's going to be a ton of celebrity appearances in NYC to help celebrate the evening including Justin Timberlake and his William Rast partner Trace Ayala, who are launching a pop-up store for their stunning clothing line at Saks Fifth Avenue (611 Fifth Avenue), Hugh Jackman and Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford will be at Jeffrey (449 W. 14th Street), and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen will be on the scene as bartenders at Barneys New York (600 Madison Avenue).

For a more complete listing of events, check out

All around the world, style will reign large. In Boston, my old stomping grounds, Luna Boston will be celebrating with beer and dim sum courtesy of Luna's own in-house stylist, Joe Farese. There you can play dress up with special guest super-cool designer Sam Mendoza and his gorgeous gowns along with some awesome shoes and bags. In Dallas, Neiman Marcus will join forces with the Dallas Film Society with a special screening of the movie Valentino: The Last Emperor at the North Park Center. Attendees have the opportunity to meet the director and producer Matt Tyrnauer as he signs copies of the movie. In Los Angeles, the designer Phillip Lim is re-imagining five signature pieces from his archives with today's fabrications and embellishments.

My always stylish friend and fellow blogger Kristin ( and I will be hitting up a few places including the always fabulous Rachel Roy (111 Spring Street) with singer Estelle as host and the Julie Haus fashion show (93 Mercer Street). We're also going to be checking out a couple of my all-time favorite designers including Elie Tahari (417 W. Broadway) and Rebecca Taylor (260 Mott Street).

Also, be sure to check out the season's hottest trends: anything plaid, one-shoulder dresses, leather pants and the power jacket.

Drop me a line if you go to anyplace amazing.

Stay fabulous!!!