Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hair Styles To Rock You

Last week’s fashion shows may dictate what we will be wearing on our backs next Spring, but it is also telling of the new hair and makeup styles. If you think for one second you can’t pull of those fabulous looks worn by our younger sisters, to follow are some helpful hints to help you achieve similar results.

Great style is ageless.

I just sat in Rodney Dion Hicks’ chair, guru stylist at New Yorks’ Dop Dop salon and portfolio artist with to change up my appearance. I refer to him as my personal hair architect and he has done magic. I wanted a shorter yet sexy look and I emerged two hours later, with a glitter in my eyes, my head held slightly higher and an extra bounce in my step.

My new short and sexy hair:

“One of the things I personally think women in their 40s should look for is more of a signature look,” Hicks said. “You aren’t looking to be trendy at that age, you are definitely sophisticated and very professional.” In addition, Hicks noted that women in their 40s may have young kids so it is about stepping into your own.

Take a look at the famous hair styles of fashionable women of our times like Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry and Sheryl Crowe. They have a tried and true hair styles that when you look at them you immediately know them.

“All of these women you recognize because of their look,” Hicks added. “Your look can vary -- it can be shorter or longer -- but it shouldn't have to change the essence of your style.”

Don’t worry that you will be stuck with your new signature look forever. “When I think of a signature look, it is not something you have to stay with, but it evolves,” Hicks said.

Start off at a certain length and you can always change it down the road. You can change the length, tone the color down or even add highlights to bring more dimension to the cut.

So what are some of the hot looks this fall/winter. Two ways to energize your style this fall and keep your look fresh and current is creating a rock ‘n roll look with an edgy feel or a folk look with big, loose and soft curls. “You want to create a feeling inspired by what is happening in fashion today,” he said, adding he would tone down those looks and make it more simple, less extreme for a woman in her 40s.

me (in Christian Francis Roth) and Rodney:

Another way to approach your new look is to go over your lifestyle with your hair stylist. Take the time to discuss your personality, goals and how much time you want to spend devoted to your hair in the mornings.

“Are you one to spend a lot of time on your hair or are you low maintenance but want to look chic,” Hicks said. “It’s about creating a customized look that works for you.”

But, Hicks warned women not to wear their hair too long. “You don’t want to look 16 from behind but 60 when you turn around,” he said. He also suggested if you want to have a strong hair color or highlights, you should go for a subtle hair cut. “You don’t want both to be strong,” he said.

So now you are ready for a fresh new hair cut and color that will make you look younger, fabulous and lift your spirits!!!


  1. Loving the new do....I did the same, went out and got me a new do for's great that we have the freedom and courage to take leaps with our of the pluses of getting older and thinking more of yourself then worrying what others think of you! Yeah being 40+

  2. I love that cut on you Jen, You really look great :~)

    I think I need to make an appointment for a trim. I feel shaggy.

  3. I particularly love the cut in person! I just made a subtle'll have to see if you notice. :)