Friday, March 19, 2010

Fabulous Fridays: Eyes For Summer

After last weekend's monsoons, I've really been enjoying the Spring-like weather here in New York City. I really do need a pair of these.

The original Tom Ford "Jennifer" sunglasses

These Tom Ford "Jennifer" sunglasses are super chic and are just oversized enough to cover my dark circles. They'll run you $285 at Eye Goodies.


They are also available for a mere $10 at OC Shades.

Imitation Tom Ford "Jennifer" sunglasses

I know I want them because they have my name on it. Who wouldn't want a fabulous pair of shades or a piece of jewelry named after them.

Truth be told, they are actually named after Jennifer Aniston.

Photo source: People magazine

Which do you like better? Do you think the Tom Ford sunglasses are worth the splurge or will have an extra $275 to spend this weekend feel better?


  1. Sweet. I'm down with those $10 knock-offs!

  2. You know I don't do knockoffs, girl!

    $10 sunglasses are worth every penny, I'm sure!

  3. sometimes it is fun to buy the real thing if you LOVE it and it will be something that gives you joy........i buy good jeans and good purses but cheap shoes and cheap is a toss up :)

  4. love the glasses!


  5. I vote for the real deal. The $10 pair looks good from afar, but when you look closer they begin to look cheap..especially the lens. Sometimes it's just better to splurge! They are classy they won't go out of fashion soon..which is a good thing.