Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Fabulous Birthday Bash

My always fabulous friends and family braved Saturday's Nor'easter to attend my 40th birthday bash (aka "The Twentieth Anniversary of Jen's 20th Birthday") at Bourbon Street. I'm so touched so many of my closest friends came out during the wicked storm. There was no better way to spend a special birthday with such amazing and inspiring friends who have touched my life in countless ways. It really means so much to have everyone all together.

The fashion theme of the party was staying dry, keeping your hair from getting frizzy and wearing party-appropriate clothing that was waterproof. Think LBD and Hunter Rain Boots.

I was lucky to have my own personal photographer for the evening, my Dad.

Here I am, one year older. Don't I look wiser, wittier and overall so fabulous.

Wearing a wool jersey DVF dress and makeup by Nars. So happy Michael arranged for a car pickup so I wouldn't come to my par-tay drenched.

I was lucky to have my parents celebrate with me. As they were leaving their house in New Jersey, they heard a booming sound. They lost power and a tree of theirs came crashing down and landed on their neighbor's car. Fortunately, power was restored on Sunday, but they are still without their phone (Yikes!), computers and television.

Here's a photo of my fabulous parents taken by Kristin.

My fabulous friend Lisa from high school always has a beautiful smile and the best accessories. I wish my scanner worked so I can show how timeless Lisa is.

Lisa, my mom and me. Not a night to showcase our fabulous knitting.

My friends from Northeastern braved the storm. Laura came all the way from Cape Cod and Marianne from Boston. I was lucky to have the Boston ladies extend their stay and really enjoyed spending extra time with them. Laura, Michael and I spent Sunday at the Grateful Dead exhibit at the New York Historical Society and wolfed down some lasagna at Bianca.

The Sigma girls Jamie, Laura and Marianne. We are pros at posing.

The always chic Tina and Wendy didn't let a little rain stop them from looking fabulous.

Beautiful bloggers and friends Tina and Wendy.

Stephanie came from the South and Alyssa came from the North and met at Bourbon Street. Stephanie is looking fierce in her new leopard-print DVF dress.

Me, Stephanie and Alyssa.

Kristin knows a thing or two about being fabulous.

Kristin and I.

Lauren is ready for Spring. I love her easy, breezy style.

Larry and Lauren. I wonder what they are talking about?

A fabulous thank you to my darling hubbie Michael for making my birthday so special. He even combined all my favorite desserts to make the night extra sweet. He ordered black and white cupcakes and a peanut butter birthday cake. I wish I had a photo of them so I can eat the images.

Michael and me. Thanks Michael for a great night!

So far, 40 is looking so darn fabulous! Thanks everyone for such an amazing night!


  1. What a cute story and thanks for the nice compliment! You look great in your DVF dress and Nars makeup!! And Lisa does have great accessories. I just remembered that super cute LV Papillon bag she was wearing the first time I met her!! :)

  2. jennifer - you look fabulous! it is very apparent from the pictures how loved and adored you are! that speaks volumes of the person you are...looks like it was a great celebration...here's to many more!
    happy birthday!! welcome to the fabulous forties!!

  3. Glad to hear the party was a success!

  4. I felt like something the cat dragged in, but you looked great! I also liked seeing all you ladies in your matching WendyB necklaces :-D

  5. I am so glad that you had a great birthday! I am also glad that your scanner was broken...no need to rehash those hair styles
    : )
    I am still thinking about those black and white cupcakes!

  6. It was a fabulous party for a fabulous person.
    You looked wonderful. Everyone had such a great time and looked great. From the mother of the fabulous forty person.

  7. Jen, you looked GORGEOUS! And how did you manage to be so flawless in hurricane weather?

  8. Happy birthday dear daughter. You and all your friends looked fabulous. Michael, you did a great job putting this together.

    It was really great to see so many people I either have not met or not seen in a while.

    When did you all grow up and become adults?

  9. Happy birthday, we had a blast! Wouldn't have missed it for the world!

  10. Was so fun celebrating with you!!!