Tuesday, March 2, 2010

An Ode To My Thighs

I have a long-term love-hate relationship with my legs.

Just recently I have come to accept my legs will never be thin. I have tried over the years to make them smaller. But somewhere between doing rep after rep of leg lifts, cycling for endless miles and rounds of kickboxing, they have only get bigger. I guess it's just my genetic makeup.

I may forever struggle to zip my boots and I've given up hope of wearing skinny jeans. All of my bathing suits have matching sarongs and my dresses are always knee-length or longer. But I can celebrate that my legs are muscular and strong and they have carried me through life for almost 40 years. I have often taken them for granted, making them work long and hard. They have allowed me to go on an incredible 19.4 kilometer or 12.05 mile hike through the Tongariro Alpine Crossing in New Zealand and enjoy the annual 100-plus mile bike ride out to Montauk with Michael and my Dad. I will continue to work hard to maintain them.

Are we almost there? Trekking along the rugged and volcanic terrain in New Zealand's Tongariro National Park.

My dad, Michael and I in West Hampton, NY, We're a quarter of the way through our annual Century Ride to Montauk.

My legs have never been my best feature. They are wide, bulky and always rub together, leaving me with rashes in the summer. But instead of cursing them, I want to thank my legs for giving me the strength to run miles, cycle great distances and train for big events like the triathlon I completed last fall.

My legs have gone the distance for me and I'm grateful.

I don't deny myself foods I will always enjoy. It's just not worth it. I still love french fries, waffles and anything with peanut butter (though I did recently switch to almond butter).

Dieting is a word I steer away from. Instead, I think about it as healthy eating, feeling great and remaining strong.


  1. Ditto on Elena's comment, that is power, woman!

    And if it makes you feel any better, I have transparent skin, you can practically see right through my legs in all their blue and green glory. The next time I get frustrated with that (when summer hits no doubt) I am going to remember what you wrote here. They work, there's nothing to complain about then is there?

    I'm 40 next year and I must say I'm finding strength in your self-affirming posts!

  2. It's a family thing. That's for sure. Youre legs are great and your blog is an inspiration.xoxo rainie

  3. "leaving my with rashes in the summer"
    BWAHAHAHA! I love it... well said!

  4. Oh my God! I have to rest after seeing all your athletic activity.

  5. Great post! Very inspirational. I can assure you my chicken legs will never be able to accomplish the things yours have!!

  6. I'd love more powerful gams. Yours look superb, my dear! I have shapeless sticks and I work out a lot.

  7. You're solid muscle - so many people strive for that! That's really impressive that you do a 100-mile bike ride - simply amazing.

  8. Your post should remind us all that The Creator made us to fullfill His purpose and if you were supposed to have skinny legs, you would have. Having tried to keep up with you on hilly climbs while I wonder if I will have an once of breath left in my lungs and the top to curse you out while you la-de-dah up the hill like you're motorized... be thankful you can do all those things and dance the night away afterwards.

    Gasping for air Dad

    PS, your writing is spot on recognition of your maturity. I love it (and you)

  9. You go girl! And I had to embrace my muscley quads too -- our genetics can not really be altered too greatly, so isn't it best to thank your lucky stars that you have the strength, will power and endurance to do all of the activities that you do? And you look BEAUTIFUL! Who wants to have toothpick legs anyway? Nothing but knees... not attractive!