Monday, March 1, 2010

Things To Be Happy For

Well, it's March and the countdown to my big 4-0 is really here. I thought turning 30 was bad, but that's nothing compared to the stark realities about turning 40. Today I'm feeling a bit frenzied as anxiety is setting in about entering my next decade.

So how to turn this worry around so I get to enjoy a stress-free, relaxing birthday month. I'm going to start by clearing my calendar for one day, not take any calls or make any plans and spend the day doing something special for myself. Here are some of my ideas I think could work for you too.

Make an appointment for a facial or an exfoliating body treatment.

Change up your hair style or color. I recently did this and it's really brightened my outlook.

Look through old photographs.

Treat yourself to a soothing bath product. I swear to taking long hot showers or soaks in the tub works magic on my spirits. And I always enjoy them even more whenever I try something new. The best part about picking up a new bath product is they are a relatively inexpensive and can be really delightful. My favorites are Fresh's Linden and Hesperides oval soaps. I also love Lush's bath bombs, especially the Fairy Jasmine, Supernova and the Fox In The Flowers scents.

Curl up on your couch and catch up on your favorite book. Right now I'm reading American Wife: A Novel, a book which is loosely based on the inner life of Laura Bush.

Listen to your favorite tunes. I'm not talking about any heart-breaking, country music, but songs that really give you energy.

Get a manicure and pedicure and pick a bright, fun color. Zone out in the chair and let your mind wander.

Go for a long walk in the woods or to a lake if you're lucky enough to live near one. Otherwise, if you're like me head out to the busiest section of town and get lost with the crowds and the city streets.

Learn a new recipe.

Buy a new shade of lipstick.

Take a yoga class and zen out.

Call a friend you've been wanting to catch up with.

Indulge in a fancy treat like cupcakes and champagne. I usually like these together and it's a decadent way to spend time with a friend.

Go to a bookstore or the library.

Dance the night away.

Plan a vacation.

Throw a diner party.

Buy pretty stationary or cards.

Smell the roses. Go to a florist and smell all the wonderful scents. Pick up a bunch for yourself.

Go to the zoo or aquarium. I've spent many a birthday's at the zoo and there's nothing like feeling like a kid again when seeing those cute creatures.

Feel the warmth of the sun on your face. Even though Spring is three weeks away, it's almost here and the extra sunlight can't come soon enough.

Play with Sam or visit your local pet store and see all the adorable kittens and puppies wanting your love.

Sleep in.


  1. /great ideas for our anxiety filled culture. Take a cat nap. Sam does it all the time

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  3. How about a combination of things? Make sure you have flowers at home (or make sure to tell your hubby!). Go to yoga, come home and take a nice long bath with classical music and candles. Maybe a massage later. Curl up with a good book and some tea... shall I go on?

  4. Great ideas here, hope I can use them when the next big one comes along in two years (60). (Help!) Have a super duper birthday. Are you another Pisces?

  5. Yeah, I like the combination of ideas too. My favorite thing is to book several appointments on one day! A day at the spa followed by a night at your favorite restaurant. Yes please! Love the post!

  6. nice ideas...i especially like the champagne & cupcakes combination...i'm thinking a girl's nite in is in order...soon...

  7. Lovely post, darling!
    Lots of fab ideas!