Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Before You Put on Any Makeup, READ THIS

I've been a makeup and skincare junkie for as long as I could remember. I would spend hours in front of the mirror playing dress-up with my mom's makeup, applying her lipsticks and blushes. Later on, when I realized how important it was to have a proper skincare regime, I would stand on my soap box and tell my friends how important it is to wash their faces each and every night.

Now, as a newly appointed district manager with Arbonne International, I've really honed my beauty skills and now my friends and family ask me about good skincare and my recommendations on how to keep their skin looking young and supple for years to come.

I spoke of the amazing anti-aging RE9 system yesterday and you can read about it here. But once you have you skincare system in place, how does one prepare one's skin for makeup application?

Simply put, you need MAKEUP PRIMER.

Arbonne's Makeup Primer

Arbonne's makeup primer is fantastic and it was just voted the most popular product Arbonne has in its amazing lineup of pure, safe and beneficial products. This stuff really is fabulous. Arbonne's makeup primer feels like liquid silk going on your face, but dries to a beautiful matte finish. It gives your face a smooth start by filling in fine lines and helps your makeup stay on throughout your day. You really need this is your makeup bag.

Think of painting a wall - you wouldn't just start painting without first putting a primer to ensure better adhesion, increase paint durability and provide additional protection for the material being pained. As funny as it sounds, the same things goes for you face. You need a primer before even thinking about makeup application.

Primers in general serve many purposes. They prepare your skin for makeup application by providing a smooth, even surface that's free of lines and wrinkles (that's only if you have them), minimize larges pore and serve as a protective barrier for your skin. Primers give makeup something to "grab" onto, making your makeup work better and last longer, lessening the need for touch-ups throughout the day. Plus it just isn't good to layer makeup on top of old makeup. Furthermore, you will decrease the likelihood of your makeup having that "cakey" look you see when people layer makeup on throughout the course of the day.

And best of all, makeup primer SAVES you MONEY by allowing you to use less of your makeup since it isn't' absorbing into your skin. The primer acts as a base, with your makeup adhering to the primer rather than the skin itself.

With a primer, you are actually reducing the imperfections of the skin's surface and you are using less of a product to cover those areas. This primer creates a canvas for flawless makeup application.

Arbonne's vitamin-rich, advanced ingredients help tone, smooth and minimize the visual appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores. Its key ingredients include: hyaluronic filling spheres, polypeptides, horsetail extract, green tea left, grapeseed extract. It's no wonder it was just voted the most favorite makeup product in Arbonne's amazing collection.

Primer should be used after your skincare regimen and before you apply your makeup. The primer is good for all skin types and comes in a 1 oz. bottle.

If you want a sample of the makeup primer or if you want to make any purchases, you can reach at me or my website,

Have a beautiful day!


  1. I'm thinking I need something more along the lines of spackle before I put on my makeup. Got anything like that? :)

  2. Yeah, sign me up for spackle.

  3. I would never think of not using primer before putting on my makeup. My makeup lasts longer and feels fresher. Arbonne is the best primer I've used.

  4. Congrats on the new position. It looks like a great product!

  5. i love a good primer!

  6. I never used a primer until this year... they are great!

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