Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I’ve Got A Feeling For Fingerless Gloves

One of the hottest trends for cold-weather chic is fingerless gloves.

They come in handy when you’re in a cold office and you need to type, when you drive, get a manicure, apply lipstick or make a phone call. No glove removal necessary.

And thanks to the punk rock trend that dominated the fall scene, retailers from Chanel to Urban Outfitters are offering their version of the glove that covers the palm and the wrist but not the fingers.

Giving a dramatic finish to your look, these gloves are more fashion than function. They can give a glam rocker look when partnered with black skinny jeans and a motorcycle jacket, a long faux fur vest and leggings and give a dramatic finish when teamed with a curve-hugging dress this holiday season. Just don’t go too wild with them.

I’ve revisited my love for fingerless gloves. My first pair was purple and lace and is directly from circa 1983. This winter, I’m going to leave my fingers exposed and put on my fingerless gloves.

I’ve found some hot ones you’ll love.

Keep warm in style with these long cable-knit gloves. Shopbop, $58.

Peace is always in season and you'll love this pair made from a luxe cashmere. Autumn Cashmere, $77.

These stunning gloves from Carolina Amato come in red as well, and with a price tag of $41, they are a read compared to the almost identical Alexander McQueen ones for $470.
Add a dash of splash with some vintage charm with these by Rochas now on sale for $327 from $545.

These full-length fingerless lace gloves can get you in the groove. Forever 21, $4.80.

Your fingerless gloves can get cozy with a simple flip of a mitten with these wool gloves from Ugg Australia for $69.
Toughen up your LBD with these studded fingerless gloves by Nina Peter for $250.


  1. Love fingerless gloves -- http://wendybrandes.com/blog/2008/10/glovely-jennifer-lopez/

    They are good with big rings!

  2. Another great benefit WB. You can show off some fabulousness when wearing them, especially those stackables of yours I LOVE.


  3. They look great a useful. I'd like to knit a pair. oxox Rainie

  4. Will fingerless gloves be your next knitting project, Jen?

  5. Hello! You should check out this artist's blog. She makes her own fingerless gloves as well as other fun knit/crochet items. http://www.sandrajuto.com/blog/

  6. i just got my first pair...i can't believe i waited so long...they are fabulous...especially while doing my christmas shopping...my hands are warm...and yet i'm able to touch and feel all the pretty fabrics...