Monday, December 7, 2009

My Plan For A Healthy Holiday Eating and Drinking Season

Are you ready for the holiday party season? Do you have a healthy eating plan in place? Sadly for me, I can no longer overindulge in whatever delicious treats or fancy cocktails are passed my way since I don’t want to look like Santa Claus. I know this time of year is jam-packed with eating and drinking festivities and fun - from holiday cocktail parties, carmel popcorn deliveries to the office, freshly baked cookies from neighbors and family dinners. But you don't have to leave the party feeling like a stuffed turkey. With my simple tips, you can still spread good cheer and without whopping it up with extra calories and undoing all your hard work at keeping fit.

Don’t show up hungry. Just like you shouldn’t go to the grocery store on an empty stomach, you shouldn’t go to your holiday party with one either. It’s never a good idea to skip a meal because you’re planning to indulge later with holiday goodies. Trust me, it’s much harder to make a smart eating decision when your stomach is growling. Everything looks good and you’re going to end up eating way more than you planned. So eat something satisfying and healthy before the party. You can have a small sandwich, a cup of soup, a handful of nuts or yogurt with fruit.

Don’t go crazy with the sugary and high calorie drinks. Cocktails are poured freely and often, but unfortunately, these drinks are filled of hundreds of empty calories that can cause you to have a little jiggle in your middle. Not only is alcohol high in calories, but it lets your inner inhibitions go to the toilet. If you do drink, why not mix it with soda water or tonic, it’s lower the calories. Or you can have a diet soda or tonic water with a lime. You’ll be glad you did in the morning.

Move away from the food, I repeat, move away from the food. In recent times, I’ve situated myself just outside the door where the waiters would come out with trays piled high with delicious food. The mindless temptations were too close to say no. Now I keep my distance from the food by standing near a friend or colleague. After all, you’re there to mingle.

Fill your plate with fruit and vegetables and enjoy a small sampling of the desserts. Don't feel that because it's the holidays you can't continue to eat healthy. Balance the sugary toppings and the creamy dips with healthy fruits and vegetables.

Just say no to food you simply don’t want to eat. Don’t worry about offending anyone. Your thighs and behind don't care if you are overly sensitive to others. Just because your Aunt Sally made her famous cheese cake doesn't mean you have to eat it. Sweetly say, “No thank you, I'm thirsty" and head over for a liquid refreshment. (See Rule 2 Above).

Enjoy your favorite holiday treats, but do keep track of how much of it you're eating. The holidays are a special time of year and the table is set with your favorite indulgences. Don't deprive yourself. You've worked hard all year. If you look forward to peanut butter pie, then by all means, go enjoy yourself. But remember, everything in moderation. After all, that's why it's special and a treat and not routine. I believe it's perfectly healthy to indulge every once in awhile.

Don’t skip the gym. This time of year is especially busy, with all the traveling and shopping, but it’s especially important to keep up with your workout routines. Make sure you take the time to take care of yourself. It's a real stress release anyway.

Dance the night away! Dancing burns a ton of calories and it’s so much fun.

Drink lots of water. You probably ate a lot of high fat, sugary and salty foods and drinks. Drinking lots of water can keep you hydrated and help you avoid looking puffy the next day. This is especially important right before you go to bed.

By following these simple tips, you can still look fabulous in your skinny jeans after the holiday season is over!


  1. And after the holidays join Weight Watchers.

  2. I've been walking the stairs in my apt building rather than using the elevator...Since November 1st! I figure the 5 extra flights a couple of times a day has to combat extra holiday calories, no?

  3. I stick to Champagne...fewer calories than eggnog, right?

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