Thursday, December 17, 2009

Keeping Chic All Winter Long

Winter is just days away. I know how challenging it can be to look stylish without sacrificing the warmth. Shoving your hands in your pockets and burrowing deep into your coat so it looks like you forgot your neck isn’t your best look. But I’m here to help you stay chic and cozy warm throughout the cold winter months.

To me, there’s no season more fashionable than winter. I believe there are so many more options to dress with style. I love all the textured tights, high boots and deliciously soft sweaters. And, as a knitter for going on 10 years, I have more hats, scarves and gloves than I know what to do with.

Here are some tips for you to stay stylish, look sizzling and not be mistaken for the Michelin Man.

Invest in a durable yet chic winter jacket. I recommend buying neutral colors like black, gray, brown and camel. It keeps it classic and it goes with your entire wardrobe. Since your winter coat is most likely to be the center piece of your look and the first piece of clothing people will notice, it is important to make your purchase wisely. I’ve always admired winter white coats. But be careful, because like snow on the second day, it just isn’t as pretty. If you want a puffer coat, choose one with flattering seaming for a more slim silhouette.

Trench style meets winter chic in this double-breasted coat from Mackage. I love the slight balloon effect on the sleeves and the waist-defining leather belt. Plus the brown color will go with everything in your closet.

A good way to accessorize your coat with hats, scarves and gloves and/or mittens - obviously. It’s just so necessary. These fashionable accessories are fun to add to your new coat and can easily change your entire ensemble, while at the same time keeping you toasty warm. Here are some suggestions


I love hats. Everyone knows that heat leaves your body through your head so what better way to keep warm than a cute, versatile hat. I love the beret hats. They are totally vintage and can pull your look together.

The perfect way to top off your winter look is with this crochet beret from Eugenia Kim.


Now what is more elegant and chic than long gloves. Not only do the longer gloves keep the chill out, they also help protect your hands from becoming dry and chapped. Nothing gives away your age more than this.

This cashmere elbow-length gloves from keeps the cold out and the warmth in and updates any LBD on a cold night.


Finish your look with a chunky scarf. Not only do they add your personality to your winter look, it also helps protect you against the elements. I love scarfs. They come in such a wide variety of fabrics, colors and styles. Scarves add that extra oomph.

Other ways to update your winter look -- Layer like crazy. Go ahead and play with lengths. Wear a three-quarter sweater with a cute, thin top. Layers can make a plain sweater super chic, just don’t look homeless. Natural fibers such as cotton and cashmere are best for providing warmth and utter comfort

Boots are made for walking in the winter. Tall boots are a classic go-to style for any well-heeled woman. If you want to take your look beyond the super comfy Ugg’s, go for a tall boot with a rugged heel to help you stay warm, look chic and make walking comfortable. You can wear these boots with just about anything - from dresses to skinny jeans to leggings. Also, why not add a pair of leg warmers for more warmth.

These Yvette boots from Born make style and comfort go hand-in-hand.

I’m loving the oversized cowl or snood. One of my favorite fashions to emerge this winter is the oversized cowl, infinity scarf or snood. In fact, I’m wearing the one I just made right now. Snood is a British word that sounds so funny to my years. Anyway you say it, these endless scarves are everywhere this season.

I found this cozy cowl in and love the fierce color.

Finally, don’t forget your sunglasses. It adds that glamorous finish in any season. Besides, I love them for covering the dark circles. Also, very necessary.

It’s so easy to be chic and fabulous this winter! And with the right pieces, you’ll be excited to bundle up too!


  1. Winter is my next to favorite season (except when it snows) I love the boots, they look really comfortable xoxo Rainie

  2. ooohh, we can make that cowl too!