Thursday, October 22, 2009

Brighten Your Smile With Clinique

Clinique was my very first skin care brand, but I left it with my teen years some time ago. Sure, they were great when I had a pimple, but I wasn’t sold that they could perform the daily miracles I require today.

That may all be changing with the new Clinique White Teeth Instantly lipstick. Clinique is embarking on a new campaign, showcasing popular lipstick hues with a new twist - shades to make your teeth appear whiter with each application. And who doesn’t want a brighter smile? I know I do.

This blue-based, teeth-enhancing lipstick is offered in 12 amazing shades in all color families including reds, violets, pinks and nudes that create enough contrast to make your pearly whites exactly that. This brilliant idea is a far more painless way to make teeth whiter than the painful bleach-whitening method my dentist charged me $500 for. It’s a brilliant marketing move from Clinique.

Smile! Check out the 12 shades that made the grade for making smiles sparkle.

Clinique recently enlisted the help of 100 women and a board certified dentist to test some of the beauty giant’s best-loved lipstick shades and identify which lipstick colors make teeth look brighter. The dentist used a dental color guide to measure the shades of their teeth before and after application and found 12 that made teeth look a full shade whiter.

I tried out Red-Y To Wear, a classic red. It felt moisturizing and it wore well. It provided moderate to full coverage coverage. I also tried Pink-A-Boo, a sheer golden pink. It had a glossy finishe and felt creamy, yet smooth. When I went to see if there was a difference, I actually saw a brighter, whiter smile. I was really impressed. Not only am I flashing a great big smile, I'm loving this shade of red.

These new lipsticks are proving what my mother has always told me: My smile is my best accessory.

The shades, along with the matching lip liners and glosses, are available online at and Clinique counters nationwide and retail for $14.

Now I’ll be checking the mirror to see how dazzling my teeth look, rather than if I have a piece of food stuck.


  1. It's all about the blue base! I love my red lipstick, but the orange base does in fact make my teeth look extremely yellow in photos. Maybe I'll have to give one of these a whirl...

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