Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Eileen Fisher Wants You To Wear Her Clothes

Eileen Fisher is knocking at our doors with her new designs. No, not literally. But she does want us to buy her newly updated fall collection. I’m on the fence because my mom and her friends are loyal customers of Eileen Fisher.

The designer, known more for her kimono-shaped cardigans, organic cotton shirtdresses and wide-leg, pull-up pants, is hoping to attract a newer, younger audience like us (women in their 30s and 40s with blossoming careers and busy families) by making clothes like skinny tank tops, leggings and jeans and slimmed-down cardigans. And this fall’s advertising campaign features mostly younger, more hip models that look like they just left the yoga studio than the previous silver-haired, hippie women from previous years. When I was a fashion copywriter, writing about this collection, I saw the collection was styled with skinny jeans and chic boots.

Last Sunday, the new york times ran a story on the front of the style section where the veteran fashion designer and manufacturer said, “About a year ago I was feeling sad. I thought we’re so much cooler than we appear. We have made the clothes look hipper, but nobody knew that.”

However, with prices like $228 for a merino wool cardigan, $218 for skinny ponté pants and $318 for a jacket fly off the shelves in a world of Forever 21 (See my post on $12.50 skinny jeans @ and H&M?

The surplice dress with obi belt is super flattering and I love it with the tall boots for a great look day or night.

This plush mohair blend jacket adds a touch of sophisticated warmth to any ensemble.

While I do like this collection, I'm not sure if I would purchase anything at these prices and I'm wondering if you would consider buying Eileen Fisher in the near future?


  1. I kind of liked a commercial that aired a few nights ago. Hmmm.

  2. So, yeah. It's expensive and for what seems like no reason. I'm always drawn to the lines and fabrics, but when and if I do make a purchase, I usually feel dowdy wearing whatever item it is. Slimmed down versions of her typical stuff sound interesting, but maybe only if purchased at the end of the season when hanging on the sale rack. There are too many other options, I feel. Especially in this economy.