Thursday, October 8, 2009

I'm CoCo For Coconut Water

Have you had your coconut today?

I just discovered the most refreshing, all-natural, low-sugar drink that will make you feel you are on an island in the South Pacific. I present to you the humble coconut.

I had a recent encounter with this superfood at the wholefoods on the Isle of Manhattan in Union Square and my jaw dropped. Two dapper young men were lovingly holding their 3 pound, prized possession. Of course I had to ask if they were adding rum to it. These city slickers scoffed and said with a total sneer that this was really a healthy drink. My bad.

I had to try one. I went back downstairs to the produce department and picked up a coconut for $2.99 and gleefully went home to try. I chilled it in the refrigerator for about an hour and then attempted to hack off the top using a chef’s knife. This proved to be much harder than I thought and had to call up my new cabana boy a.k.a. my building's superintendent for assistance. Whole Foods does offer to do the job themselves, free of charge.

Inside, was a clear liquid with a slightly sour, somewhat nutty taste. Still, it was very light and definitely refreshing and instantly made me feel I was no longer in an urban jungle but a tropical resort.

Barely processed, containing no refined sugars and its single ingredient, coconut water is the newest drink served up by the young, hip and fashionable urban elite and no longer contained to the beautiful beaches of the world.

Coconut water is naturally filled with five essential electrolytes (just like those found in Gatorade and other sport drinks that get you re-hydrated and re-energized after a long workout or bike ride (I like mine to cure a hangover). These electrolytes also work to boost performance, so making a snazzy coconut drink prior to your workout is a smart warmup choice if you’re looking to increase your endurance. It also has more potassium than a banana to prevent cramping and to promote recovery.

Coconut water is also a superfood, meaning it is filled with essential minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids to keep you moving. But unlike popular sports drinks, coconut water is low in sugar and high in nutrients.

Even better for those counting calories, coconut water is naturally low in fat and calories. Other benefits are coconut water can improve our digestion by helping our intestines function properly. Its potent nutrients also help give us glowing skin. It’s no wonder people living in the tropics looks so darn happy all the time.

These days, coconut water is becoming more available. When you are shopping for coconut water, look for 100% pure coconut water. If you aren’t able to grab the real thing, here are companies that package the drink and are sold in many grocery stores and come in a mouth-watering flavors like mango, pineapple, passion fruit and acai/pomegranate. Check your local grocery store for zico, onenaturalexperience and vitacoco.

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  1. sounds yummy, though I would prefer mine with rum and a little umbrella and of course on another island other than the one in NY!