Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Getting Into The Skinny Jeans Workout

You all know I recently caved and finally bought my first pair of skinny jeans. I have worn them a few times already, but I know there still is work to fabulous wearing them. I need to tone my legs and hopefully keep my tummy from pouring over the top. Luckily for me, I recently discovered that Equinox offers The Skinny Jeans Workout, designed to, what else, help zip up and be comfortable when wearing these second-skin denim styles.

The name of the class came from the notion women wanted the “long and lean” look and to look fabulous wearing their skinny jeans. This workout hits all the major muscle groups with high rep, low weight exercises, perfect to create that long, lean and toned appearance.

I’ve always loved working out, but I can’t seem to get my huge legs lean enough to feel comfortable with anything form-fitting. So I was curious about this new class and hoped it would help me smooth out those dreadful extra curves that always cause anxiety whenever I try on any new denim styles.

This hour-long class was started by Equinox's West Coast instructor Molly Fox. It's a low-impact, whole body workout that mixes cardio fitness with a number of other workout styles, including ballet moves and strength training exercises. It focuses on your core muscles, including abs, thighs and your behind. It also works on your balance and posture because who doesn’t look thinner when you are standing straight.

The first part of the class involved a TON of lunges and squats, mixed with arm and back exercises using light (3 and 5 pound) weights. That’s right, we got down and dirty with thigh blasting, butt kicking moves. I felt the burn hit and before I knew it my legs were shaking. The second half was dedicated to ab work and good, old-fashion mat exercises that had the class on all fours, thrusting our legs into the air. Also, this class just so happened to feature lots of Madonna music, which helped me to really concentrate since she has such incredibly strong legs that I’ve always wanted.

I asked the instructor about the class, and she said regulars say they have dropped a pant size from the workout. She said the class really works because it targets those areas that go into jeans.

I will look fabulous in my skinny jeans!!! This class perfectly combines fashion and fitness to the beat of great music and makes working out fun. Working out is always rewarding and we all know the health benefits. But this class also has fashion in mind. Come join me in getting fit and fabulous.


  1. Just got my first pair of skinny jeans too, pared with a big sweater, so, so far so good, but have to do some more workouts too...can't wait to pair it with my new boots....

  2. Nice! but they never offered that class at my Equinox location...