Friday, November 20, 2009

Fabulous Fridays: Get Your Vampire Glow From Fresh

With New Moon premiering today, I wanted to shed some light on creating that vampy glam look.

Fresh’s Twilight Freshface Glow is an instant dose of magic to your skin. This lightweight cream creates a beautiful ethereal look and provides a sultry moonlit glow from within.

Twilight is basically an illuminating primer so it serves two purposes. It instantly smoothes the skin, minimizes the appearances of pores, and, and the same time, it makes your complexion appear absolutely flawless and glowing. Who doesn’t love that?

“Twilight is a sheer cream that instantly imports a stunning, yet natural-looking radiance to all skintones,” the company said.

Fresh is a skin care company that also sells beauty products, so you know this makeup is also good for your skin. The formula is enriched with nourishing meadowfoam seed oil, hydrating restorative evening primrose root extract and antioxidant-rich vitamins A, C and E.

You can use this sheer cream in a number of ways. You can wear the Twilight cream and nothing more, giving you a young, fresh, dewy look. Other times you can treat it as a makeup primer and add a smidge of the cream before and/or after applying foundation for full coverage and less of a glow.

This versatile, skin-enhancing cream can take you from a dull, tired face to one that looks like you are glowing from within.

Get the look today at Fresh and Sephora. It’s $36 for 1 oz. tube.

Even though I’m for Team Jacob, I’ll be rocking an Edwardian glow when I see the movie this weekend. Tell me what team you’re on in the comments.

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