Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Splish Splash, I'm Taking A Mud Bath

We’re so busy in our lives. It’s hard to find the time to slow down and take a moment to enjoy some down time by yourself. Last night I found myself with some unexpected free time, so decided to take an aromatherapy mud bath. It wasn’t with champagne or roses, just a couple of fashion magazines and a large bottle of water. For me, this felt like a half-hour vacation.

I immersed myself in a deeply relaxing, highly calming and definitely luxurious mud bath from Not The Same. This best-selling at-home spa treatment uses a special blend of epsom salt, sea salt, “mud” volcanic ash from Calistoga, Pascalite clay and pure essential oils. Blended together, this formula is designed for pain relief, detoxification, increased circulation and deep relaxation. They offer three aromatherapy blends: Lavender, Stress Relief or Eucalyptus.

Not The Same's mud baths take you away from body aches and stress

I began to feel more relaxed by the minute. Being enveloped in warm, silky water simply erases the day’s stress. The water’s warm temperatures made my sweat for sure, but my pores were left cleaner. The natural ingredients also made my achy body feel rejuvenated and helped remove the harmful toxins. Even better, the water doesn’t turn to mud, but rather changes the water to a brownish tea color. This makes the cleanup a breeze.

To use, fill your tub with warm/hot water. Add the powder when you get in, not while the tub is filling. Soak for a minimum of 20 minutes, even longer for more therapeutic results.

The mud bath tradition goes back into history, to the days of Cleopatra. Today, mud baths are a popular treatment at spas. There are several natural mud baths, which form when hot springs meet volcanic ash, that have popped up around the world, including Calistoga, California and Rotorua, New Zealand, where we stayed a couple of nights on our honeymoon.

A natural mud bath in Rotorua, New Zealand

A lovely splash of mud from the Thermal Wonderland in Rotorua, New Zealand.

The mud draws toxins out of the body through your skin, at the same time your body is absorbing minerals from the mud and salt. The release of toxins from our bodies makes the mud bath an effective, stress-relieving and pain-relieving bath you can experience in your own tub.

Lisa Scheerer, one of the owners of Not The Same, started the natural bath and body care the business to share the benefits with friends. “When we get into our 40s, taking better care of yourself can make or break your next couple of decades,” she said. “It’s important we help our bodies flush out the toxins we taken in.”

One of the important roles our skin plays is to release toxin, but a lot of times your body needs more help with it. With detoxification and internal cleansings, you can help your skin release toxins we take in through the environment, food and alcohol. And as we get older, Lisa said it is more important that ever to detox our bodies to help fight the aging process. “Taking a mud bath helps your body release toxins faster and helps your skin retain that youthful complexion,” she said.

You can order your mud bath here and is available in 4 oz. packets (1-2 baths per packet) for $6.95 or a 1 lb. (6 baths) containers for $18.95.

I spent my free hour getting muddy for fun. What do you do when you have a free hour? Share your ideas with me.


  1. sounds like a little slice of heaven, though you should have added the champagne, but guess that's better saved for the weekend....

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