Monday, November 9, 2009

L'Occitane Takes You On A Fragrance Odyssey

My favorite travel destinations are anywhere near the Mediterranean Sea. I’ve been to Italy, France, Greece, Spain and Israel and would one day love to visit Turkey and the beaches of Croatia. There is just something so fresh and alive about these amazing places. I especially love all the rich aromas that permeate every pore of my body and satisfy all my senses. When I found out L’Occitane was going on a fragrant journey to some of my these places I was intrigued. The beauty company, known best for their pampering products, recently added two beautiful fragrances as part of their popular Voyage en Méditerranée (Travel in the Mediterranean) collection and I was immediately swept away.

This fragrant odyssey begins with the Mimosa de l’Estérel, with notes of violet leaves, mimosa and almond accord. At the end of autumn, the Esterel hills, are aglow with hues of gold from the unforgettable scent of the blooming mimosas. Known as the “Winter Sun”, the mimosa’s tiny golden pompom flowers fill the air with its powdery scent. This beautiful smell is light, delicate, feminine and clean.

Mimosa de l'Estérel from L'Occitaneis a light, powdery fragrance

The second fragrance stop of the collection is Labdanum de Séville, with notes of citruses, spices, labdanum, benzoin and vanilla. Labdanum, a redolent resin used in perfumery, grows wild in many Mediterranean countries and can be found in abundance on the rocky, sun-drenched grounds of Andalusia. The opulent, woody and musky scent is beautifully enveloped in this perfume.

Labdanum de Séville from L'Occitane is a spicy, yet citrusy scent

I found both fragrances to be very natural and subtle enough to not overpower the room. Both were optimistic and would make for a fabulous new scent for the fall season. Additionally, both have classic notes like citrus and woods to make these a perfect addition to your fragrance collection. Each scent is different and adds a unique twist to your fragrance wardrobe. Some are perfect for work, while others make a perfect evening option.

Enjoy one of L’Occitane’s seven Mediterranean fragrances and take a brief visit to a sunny destination. Each 2.5 oz. eau de parfum bottle retails for $66, proving that great fragrance doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Available at L'Occitane.


  1. much as I like my usual scents, I might have to check these out.

  2. Sounds wonderful. So if I use any of these fragrances will I find myself on top of a hill in Santorini {My favorite place}.

  3. Really good article, thank you for sharing, I will always look at the future, too talented.