Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fabulous Hostess Gifts Ideas So You'll Be Invited Back

We’re going to New Jersey for Thanksgiving this year, to my parents' house. My mom usually cooks up a storm, leaving us little to bring but more wine. For all her hard work cooking over a hot stove this week, I want to give her a little something special she'll enjoy. So if you're like me, and you’re one of the lucky ones not cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year, you should show your appreciation for all the planning and hard work by bringing a thoughtful gift. Whether it’s a gift for a child, something for the table, a festive present for the holiday season or something she’ll enjoy after everyone has left, it’s always best not to come empty handed so you’ll be sure to be invited back next year.

Here are some awesome gift ideas for your hostess for all the hard work she has put into making this annual feast. These can be easily sent ahead of time or if you love them so much (and I know you will), why not order one for yourself too! After all, you’re traveling on one of the busiest weekends of the year and that's deserving of something, right?

1. Gifts for the Home. Everything from wine stoppers to cocktail shakers to great bowls and glassware, gifts for the home can be used all year long and your hostess with the mostess will be sure to think of you each time she uses your special gift. I really love a pretty pitcher. It makes a table that much more elegant. This one from Ona available at Crate and Barrel is especially sleek and eye-pleasing with its off-center handle.

2. Gifts for Fitness and Health. If you know your hostess is watching her weight or wants to counterbalance all of those extra calories (you know where they always end up), the gift of fitness and health is a great idea. Resistance Bands are a great gift idea for the frequent traveler who doesn’t want to sacrifice their workout regime. Exercise Balls are also a fun way to stay in shape and these exercise gadgets usually come with an instructional DVD.

3. Gifts of Food and Drinks. You may not be bringing the main attraction, but gourmet olive oil, exotic salts, delightful chocolates and wonderful wines will really add to the day or will be appreciated for sure on another night. You’ll really warm the heart of your hostess with some rich, delicious hot chocolate. My all-time favorite is from Mariebelle. It’s the perfect treat for a cozy night at home.

4. Gifts of Sweet-Smelling Candles and Room Fresheners. I’ve been a huge fan of Diptyque Candles forever. I haven't splurged on one yet for myself, but I've always loved going into homes where someone has caved. If I ever had a dinner party, you read it here first what I would love. It is that perfect luxurious gift that is sure to win you some points. The candles are available at Saks and Neiman Marcus.

5. Gifts of Beauty. For a hostess that serves Thanksgiving with style and grace, she would swoon to have anything from Jo Malone. They have pretty amazing beauty products from their creamy body lotions to fragrant bath soaps.

You don’t necessarily have to applaud after you finish your turkey, but you can give the gift of the best smelling hands. Philosophy makes a great perfumed restorative hand cream called Amazing Grace that will instantly give your hostesses' hands a little TLC they need after working so hard.

Philosophy makes other amazing scented beauty products that are sure to become a hit this holiday season. You might also like to try:

Holiday Cookbook , 6 recipe-inspired 2 oz. shampoo, shower gel and bubble baths in red velvet cake, cinnamon buns, spicy pear cobbler, pumpkin spice muffin, gingerbread and double rich hot chocolate.

Gingerbread Shower Gel, a high foaming shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath.

6. Gifts for Children and Pets. If you are going to a home with small children or pets, you’ll never go wrong by surprising the little ones with something to keep them busy during dinner. For pets, brining their special treat or toy will always keep their tails wagging. Pottery Barn Kids makes super adorable plush stuffed turkey dolls to add a lively touch to any Thanksgiving table. They even make gobbling sounds when the tummy is pressed.


  1. Loved your ideas. You must have a really special Mom. oxox Rainie

  2. eh, you'll be invited even if you and Michael came empty handed. You both ARE the gifts.

  3. Love the MarieBelle hot cocoa AND the Diptyque candles. Great ideas!