Friday, February 26, 2010

Fabulous Fridays: Florida This Isn't

I was really hoping I would wake up in Florida and my only executive decision being beach or pool. But as you may have heard, a little snow storm blanketed the city with 17 inches of snow and counting. Although our plane did eventually take off from Newark Airport last night after a mere two-and-a-half hour delay, Michael and I weren't on it. So instead of sand and flip flops, we galavanted through the snowy city streets.

Me wearing my favorite knitted accessories.

We spent the day walking around Union Square. We went to the 18th annual Hot Chocolate Festival at The City Bakery. I had the Shangri-La flavor while Michael had the classic milk chocolate. I wish I knew about this festival earlier because they have a different flavor each day in February. After our drinks, we indulged on some comfort food from Chat 'n' Chew.

Piping Shangri-La hot chocolate from The City Bakery kept us warm.

Michael imitating art. Art imitating Michael.

Everyone was getting into the snow. Even Sam was intently chasing the snowflakes.

Sam overseeing the shoveling from above.

Snowy days are always fun, but I hope this is it. I'm longing for my flip flops.


  1. great pictures. Sounds like a great day even if it wasn't Florida. xoxo rainie

  2. love your attitude! you choose to make the most of whatever situation you are this sun...but still making it a fun day!

  3. At first I thought you were saying that Florida got 17 inches of snow! Well, at least Florida is waiting for you all snowless and sunny when you do make it. :) And you got to attend the Hot Chocolate Festival! I'd never heard of such a thing but I wish we had one here!

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