Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Are You Swimsuit Ready?

I know it doesn't feel like it in the Northeast, but summer is just around the corner. I moved my bright, sunny clothes to the front of my closet and brought the bikes up from the basement. But it wasn't until my swimsuit came into view that I realized I still had some work to do in some areas. Yikes. I looked at my calendar and came to the scary reality that summer is only 51/2 weeks away.

After a long, cold winter, I'm feeling my midsection isn't as toned as I would like it to be. There were plenty of nights of digging into comfort foods and drinking too much red wine. I need to take my workouts up another notch if I want to get into my bikini.

One way for you to tone your abs and help you feel comfortable in your swimsuit is by working with a medicine ball. The addition of a medicine ball is an easy way to get fabulous abs as well as a total body workout. Originally used by boxers, medicine balls are not only fun to use, but also provide a more efficient workout that really focus on your abs. Also, you don't have to perform a huge number of crunches when you use a medicine ball because it adds resistance and intensity to your basic ab routine.

Shape magazine has an incredible medicine ball. It has a unique grip that makes it easier to handle and use. They come in multiple sizes (6 pound, 8 pound, 10 pound and 12 pound weight increments), so there is one for everyone. You can order your medicine ball from The Shape Store here.

The fingergrip ball from Shape Magazine

Of course, you shouldn't only rely on ab work to get into your bikini. A proper healthy diet and a cardio exercise program should also be part of your game plan.

So, who is ready to strut their stuff this summer? Who is ready to show off their hard work this winter in a bikini? Are you ready to join me in a four-week abs challenge? Let me know in the comments.


  1. i love working with a medicine ball but if you don't have one you can do the same thing with weights in your hand........happy thursday jen!

  2. Abs challenge? How often should I do crunches, since this is the best exersise for me. I also like doing planks. It's hard work, but it's good work. xxoo Rainie

  3. I'm too lazy to work on my abs... :-(

  4. Yes, yes, yes - sign me up! I have started my spring into summer workouts over the past two weeks (with the idea of looking good in my bathing suit). I work my abs 6 days a week in anticipating of showing it off and would love some more motivation! Right now I use a hand weight (5 or 10 lbs) as resistance and would still use that (what can I say, I am cheap!)
    Thanks - love the blog!

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