Friday, May 28, 2010

Fabulous Fridays: A Tribute To Friendship, Cleopatra and SATC2

Last night I attended the premiere of Sex and the City 2 at New York's famous Ziegfeld Theater.

I'm not going to delve into a full out review, I'll save that for others. But I will say that the movie was FABULOUS!!!! You'll laugh your asses off and leave with a smile. In between all the humor and the guilty pleasures, the movie did address several modern day topics like couples who are childless, the importance of intimacy in a marriage, rearing children and working under a tyrant troll boss. Of course, the movie was full of fierce fashions and the strong bond of the dynamic foursome. That's the premise of Sex and The City, the brilliance of friendship and how each day our friends step up and show us what's possible.

Part of the joy of going to see the movie is getting dressed up in something fabulous and getting your girlfriends together. Tina of The Occasional Cook, Stacy of Taffeta Darlings, Alyssa, myself and a few others had an extra reason to be dazzled with the movie. Our shining star of the evening, our friend, the amazing Miss Wendy Brandes has one of her truly unique and beautiful pieces of jewelry in the movie. Samantha (Kim Cattrall) wears the dramatic gold and diamond Cleopatra earrings from Wendy's own jewelry line. During the scene when the earrings made their film debut, we all burst with pride for our friend and applauded. After all, for a designer it doesn't get better than having it appear in SATC. It's like having a line on Broadway.

We celebrated while drinking some Prosecco while Wendy lent each of her friends a pair of Cleopatra earrings of our own to wear during the movie. We were on our way for some fun!

I really loved the movie. I laughed the entire time. For me, the best part of the movie clearly was looking around and seeing my friends wearing the Cleopatra necklaces and earrings along with Miss Samantha. It just made the whole movie night feel more special. And obviously the worst part of the night was giving the earrings back. I mean, on hold.

Stacy, me and Wendy wearing the Cleopatra earrings last night at the premiere of SATC2.

Stacy and Wendy getting ready for their close-up.

The whole beautiful gang. Can you see the earrings on everyone?

If you want to take home a little bit of the movie, you will certainly enjoy Samantha's earrings. These shoulder-grazing beauties are truly very lovely and they certainly did look fabulous on everyone last night. Short or long hair, these earrings made everyone feel and look simply spectacular. Click here for the gold pair and here for the silver pair.

Samantha wearing Wendy's Cleopatra earrings

Here's a close up of the gold Cleopatra earrings...

...and the silver version.

I had a such a blast last night basking in the brilliance of my friendships, both new and old. Hope you have a happy and safe weekend. Anyone make any special plans? If your plans include SATC2, make sure look for Samantha wearing Wendy's earrings.


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the movie. The earrings look great on everyone. xxoo Rainie

  2. you all looked fabulous! and how wonderful to be able to share such a special moment with wendyb...i smiled when i got to the part that you all applauded...just like in the movie...the true bond of friendship is priceless...
    have a fabulous weekend!

  3. Thanks for coming last night. It meant so much that you were there. Separately, I laughed my Diet Snapple out my nose when I read "tyrant troll."

  4. Last night was just amazing. Such a perfect evening... and only in NYC. And only if your friend has her awesome earrings on the big screen! Holla! I agree, the hardest part was handing them back :-(

  5. Thursday evening I attended Sex and the City in Spokane, Washington, with 15 girlfriends. We had dinner and drinks at Twigs and then off to the theater. I agree, it was the best evening, to be with your girlfriends and we are all 52ish!!! I only wish we would have had the gold Cleopatra earrings!!! They look fabulous. Glad & Celia/Junebug

  6. Loved seeing the movie with friends and celebrating Wendy's Hollywood debut!

  7. you look fabulous and what fun! can't wait to see the movie Jen!

  8. It was a great night! And the movie was total fun, it's cracking me up how people are saying all seriously "I heard it was awful." Lighten up people, and go enjoy the fashion ride. And buy yourself some gorgeous Cleopatra earrings to commemorate the occasion!

  9. you look fabulous and what fun! can't wait to see the movie Jen!

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