Monday, May 3, 2010

Cycling Fun Day

I've been inspired by the amazing Kallie at Fit and Forty Something. You see Kallie is all about fitness, food and fun. She comes up with invigorating workouts, healthy meals that sound delicious and all the while living life to the fullest.

I try to live by that mantra everyday. And with the warm weather finally here, taking my workouts outside is getting easier. I recently put my gym membership on hold so I can do so. I especially want to do more outdoor bike riding. I love the freedom riding my bike gives me and seeing the pavement pass me by really gets me excited (more so than running, I feel like I'm really going someplace). Believe it or not, New York City is a a fabulous place to ride a bicycle. Over the past couple of years, the city has added hundred of miles of bike lands and paths, making it safer and more enjoyable. It's a great way to explore.

This past Saturday, Michael and I got our bikes out of the basement and finally took our maiden voyage. We went up the east side of the Isle of Manhattan, along the East River, across upper Manhattan and down the gorgeous West Side Greenway along the Hudson River to Battery Park.

Going for my first ride of the season along the Hudson River

It was a tough go for the first half of the ride. I struggled to keep up with Michael and couldn't even make it up a hill (something I usually can do well). But that was because the brake on my back wheel locked. Once I released it, I was able to ride the bike like it was meant to be. What a difference having two wheels spinning at the same time does for your ride.

I wanted to take more pictures of our tour, but I was too busy trying to keep up with Michael on the first half of the ride and wanting to get out of the sun along the second half. It was a great ride despite the crowds of people and I definitely want to go again.

After our ride, of course we were famished. After all, why bike ride if there isn't a meal involved? We headed back up to Harlem via the bus and train to Dinosaur Barbecue.

BBQ anyone?

Most of this ended up in my belly. Yum! But after our epic bike ride, it's well deserved. Don't you think?

So I'm just wondering, do you treat yourself to a big meal after a workout or do you workout the next day after a big meal?

Have a fabulous Monday!


  1. I work out after a big meal. That BBQ looks good!

  2. OMG, I am so impressed by your ride and that BBQ does look good. I can't say what I do... haven't worked out in a while!

  3. Nicely done. We'll have to plan a loop so that Dinosaur is the halfway point. Whaddya say?

  4. the bike ride sounded like fun and the food looked amazing. I like to eat All the time xxooRainie

  5. As someone who just ate half a pound of pasta with garlic, spinach and bacon shortly after going to the gym, I will say proudly say, "Yes, I eat a lot after working out!"

  6. gosh that dinsoaur bbq looks so great! i would say i workout so i can eat afterwards :) love the shout out and LOVE reading about your ride-so crazy that your brake was rubbing-no wonder it was so hard for you!

  7. I love your motivation. I can't ride a bike (can you believe that), but I guess it's never too late to learn!

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