Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer Style: Does Your Hair Make The Cut?

Holy hotness!

Summer is all about those hot, sultry days of summer and what could be better than a short, sexy hair style?

I was trying to let it grow long, but I just couldn't stand how it was looking. Long hair is great to have, but I just can't deal with it most of the time. So last weekend I paid a visit to my friend and hair architect Rodney at Roy Teeluck Salon to cut off my locks I love sitting in Rodney's chair. He is such a perfectionist and really knows how to give a gal a great style. Keeping my hair short is super easy to take care of and it's a lot more fun.

Marianne, me and my new shorter look and Alexandria

If you are looking to change up your look or jut would like an amazing haircut from Rodney, I have three discount cards for Roy Teeluck Salon for 25 percent off the services you receive on your first visit. It's a relaxing, full-service salon that offers amazing beauty boosts. Let me know if you or a friend would like one and I'll happily put one in the mail for you.

Have a fabulous hump day!


  1. So chic! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

  2. Love. It's going to look KICK-ASS with Cleopatra earrings!

  3. oh your hair looks great! love this look for sure.....great for summer too :)