Friday, January 15, 2010

Get Red Carpet Ready With Very Hollywood

Are you ready for your shining moment on the Red Carpet?

I love Hollywood glamour. Who can’t resist watching as your favorite stars walk the Red Carpet? It’s the best part of the show, in my opinion. So when I was recently pitched about Very Hollywood, the latest makeup collection that was created in collaboration between Estée Lauder and Michael Kors, I swooned.

With the Golden Globes on this Sunday, I thought it was the perfect time to get ready for my close-up. I went to Saks Fifth Avenue last night with my super-talented food blogger and photographer extraordinaire friend Tina and my always gorgeous friend and fellow knitter Lisa to play with the makeup.

The collection is a spin on Hollywood of the late 1960s. It features two modern, yet classic color palettes in hues of pinks and corals. I thought all the shades were so lovely and very wearable for everyday. Even the corals, which I usually shy away from, were very natural and not the orangey tones of the past. The inspiration is iconic Hollywood glamour, both past and present, interpreted for everyday life, Michael Kors said in the press release.

I sat down in the chair of Estée Lauder makeup artist Habi who gave me a fresh, clean look. On the eyes, he used Blonde Mink eyeshadow duo, two coordinating shades of dusty beige shimmers for a smoky look. Then he lined them in Sepia eye pencil. On the cheeks, Habi applied Sunset Coral, a healthy, sun-kissed peach blush that instantly brightened my face. On the lips, he used Honey Blonde, a flattering, barely-there nude lipstick and lip gloss. Finally, he set the lookwith a shimmering loose powder to give me that allover high glamour glow.

Me looking Very Hollywood.

Tina and I posing for the paparazzi.

The limited-edition Very Hollywood makeup collection has two distinct glamorous looks. The first one, Bel Air Beige, showcases a classic Michael Kors beige and coral palette of shimmery peach lips and cheeks and a smoky eye. This is what I tried on.

Bel Air Beige is classic and shimmery.

The second one, Rodeo Pink, spotlights new shades in vibrant raspberry tones of bright, bold lips and cheeks and a defined eye. It's a total mod look with a Palm Beach twist.

Rodeo Pink is soft, bright and feminine.

This fabulous collaboration stemmed from the longtime friendship between the totally stunning Aerin Lauder, Estée Lauder Senior Vice President and Creative Director and famed American Designer Michael Kors. Of course, both are no strangers to the red carpet.

Now that we were all dolled up, we headed over to La Bonne Soupe where we enjoyed big salads and a glass of vino. Why is it so hard to find a really good, big salad in the city? We had to watch our girly figures since the camera adds 10 pounds.

Apparently, Elaine had to have one too. Click here to replay this scene.

I can tell you that the stars of the collection are the ultra-creamy and moisturizing lipsticks and lip glosses. They are light in color with just a hint of natural pigments. But overall, I nominate the collection a winner. It's very pretty and a perfect fresh look to wear this Spring.

The collection is available for a limited time at select counters and online at

So tell me, my fabulous friends, are you ready to for your glamour shot?


  1. You look great! It seems to be a real natural look. Love the clip from Seinfeld. I remember that show. oxoxRainie

  2. I'm glad that you enjoyed your BIG salad!

  3. Love the make-up and loved the salad : )

  4. Those shades are so pretty.

    I love the experience of having my make-up professionally applied but no one, ever, has been able to make my eyes look good. They're a bit deep set but nothing uncommon, in fact lots of us have deep set eyes! It's so frustrating when someone with skill can't make me look good. Luckily I know how to do it but it would be nice to get a new look once in a while!

    How I miss Seinfeld, we don't get it in the UK, none of the channels are syndicating it and whenever I mention the show to my friends they have no idea what I'm talking about! Imagine, a world without Seinfeld? The horror.

  5. Hey gorgeous girls! You look beautiful.