Friday, January 22, 2010

Fabulous Fridays: Spanx Swimwear and Jersey Shore

MTV's hit reality show Jersey_Shore, which followed a group of perfectly cast twenty-somethings during a summer spent creeping, smushing, brawling, fist-pumping and following the golden rule of GTL (gym, tanning and laundry) in Seaside Heights, sadly came to an end last night. I have to admit, I didn't want to like the show - it was crude, demeaning to women and I hated all the fashion. But there were things to like and even learn about the cast - they were endearing, loyal to each other and were comfortable in their own tanned skins. They didn't change a thing about themselves for our approval and are enjoying every moment of their celebrity.

Now that the show is over, what are we going to do? There are rumors of a second season and a Snooki spin-off. Jenni "JWoWW" Farley will be capitalizing on her new fame with her own line of updated "sexy sophisticated" club-inspired party tops that "will make people of all ages and body types feel more confident in the scene". Her spring/summer line has only one style for now. It's the the down-to-there halter top she made famous (as well as what modern medicine can give you) in episode deux.
This is how JWoWW got her name. The reality star is working on a fashion line based on this halter top. Photo courtesy of MTV.

This made-to-order halter top is available in six colors, including yellow. You can own by by simply emailing Jenni a photo of yourself to jfarley at jennifarley dot com. I wonder if fashion tape is include?

J. WoWW's halter top is perfect for the club.

I doubt I can even get my body into this top nor do I want to. I'm more interested in the new slimming swimwear collection from Spanx. We all know the magical wonders Spanx does for us under our clothes. Now, we can hit the beaches and pools looking svelte. I'm very excited for this new collection of totally adorable one-and-two piece swimsuits from the shapewear company. According to the company, the swim line will be available starting Monday, January 25 at

Spanx new collection of swimsuits will be available on Monday.

Now that my guilty pleasures of watching Jersey Shore has come to an end for now, I am grateful Spanx has a great collection of swimsuits I can look forward to wearing this summer because you know down the shore everything's alright. Sha la la la la la la!


  1. So depressed the show is over!! Being from the great state of NJ, but haven't lived there in 20 years it made me nostalgic for the guidos from our high school and the fun we made of "sleazeside" I am happy that this group made the Jersey Shore a place of interest.

    On another note, I can't wait for a spanx bathing suit...genius idea!!!

  2. Me too Miss Kitty. I miss those summer days in NJ down the shore and at the malls. That's how I felt when the show was over and the season ended. Hopefully they will bring them back for more. Remember G&G???

  3. Oh no... am I the only one who is sickened by these peeps? I'm definitely liking the Spanx swimwear though!

  4. Don't like the message those Jersey Girls send.
    but Spanx swimsuits a great idea. I'm sure we'll be seeing them on the talk shows soon. oxox rainie

  5. oh those jersey shore ladies...wild ones i tell ya! i think they were wearing Guess swimsuits in some of the episodes! i found the 2010 guess line at but i'm not so sure i could pull that look i found another suit for me on that website!

  6. PS 40 really is the new fabulous! enjoy!