Monday, January 25, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays...And My New Umbrella

Today started off as one of those rainy, gloomy days. I wanted to spend the day on the couch, looking out my window at all the falling rain with a cup of hot cocoa and ponder all of life's possibilities.

But I was meeting former work colleagues at La Esquina on Kenmare Street for a little Mexican fiesta. Although the thought of putting on clothes today seemed like it would be a physical challenge, I was excited to see everyone. I also wanted to test out my new umbrella.

This is the umbrella Michael bought me. You can buy it here.

I usually don't like carrying umbrellas while walking in New York City. It always seems like a burden. I would either use one of Michael's golf umbrellas, but I always hated taking up the entire sidewalk. Or I would use one of a small army of broken black umbrellas thrown at the bottom of the coat closet. Either way, I could always be counted on for leaving it behind for some stranger. So that's why I've found it easier to just wear a rain hat or deal with being wet.

Since it was really pouring out when I left and I didn't want to show up looking like a drowned rat, I decided to finally break out the dome umbrella. I really liked this umbrella because it didn't take up too much room on the sidewalk and thus didn't break my rule of umbrellas should only fit one person. The dome-shaped worked because it kept my head and shoulders dry. In addition, it made me feel like I was looking out a window because you can see the tiny raindrops run down the sides. Finally, the umbrella is really sturdy, lightweight and didn't feel like a burden to carry.

If you are into hearts or really love Valentine's Day, there is also this transparent dome umbrella finished with red hearts and a red handle.

The Be My Valentine Heart Dome Umbrella.

But if you really need your arms free, futuristic designer Rusly Tjohnardi has a clear umbrella that rests on your head.

Hands-free umbrella by Rusly Tjohnardi. Click here for the source.

Lady Gaga wears an umbrella hat.

Lady Gaga, who just played four sold-out nights at Radio City, wore an umbrella hat designed by Yoshiko Creation Paris for a recent Music Japan TV interview. The designer named the hat B612 after the house-sized planet the little boy was from the famous children book The Little Prince.

The clear, dome-shaped umbrellas that comes with the actual handle, as well as a pretty assortment of colorful ones, are available at

So as we approach Spring, make sure you stay dry as well as fabulous.


  1. I love these old-fashioned umbrellas and they keep you far more dry than the regular kind! I just can't seem to carry one that isn't compact enough to fit in my handbag!

  2. Great umbrella picks! I especially like the Valentines-y one!

  3. I love your new umbrella. I'm glad to see you're using one. xoxo Rainie

  4. love this umbrella...thought i was the only one with "umbrella" rules...guess not... =)
    my next umbrella will be a "dome" umbrella...fits all my rules...shoulders stay dry...and i'm not taking over the whole sidewalk!

  5. i HEART the heart umbrella! fabulous.
    but i don't heart rainy days!