Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Beautiful Eyes

I officially have two months to go before my landmark 40th birthday and today the panic set it. This morning when I looked in the mirror, all I saw were the fine lines around my eyes. I'm sure they've been there, but now I just want them gone. To address this new reality, I recently bought Cellufirm Drops to fight off the aging process.
I was first introduced to Mario Badescu Skin Care years ago when I was house sitting and got to sample all of the wonderful smelling soaps and moisturizers. I was hooked for years, but left this past year to try out other lines. I decided to go back.

I've been feeling the weight of the winter on my skin - the high heat in the apartment and the blasts of Artic air whenever I go outside - and it leaves my skin feeling a bit dull and tired. I needed to make some changes in my skincare. I brought my 40-year-old skin to Mario Badescu and spoke with skincare specialist Carmine about what I can do to get a glowing, youthful skin complexion again.

She recommended this pretty mint green emulsion to help firm, tighten and smooth the fine lines around my eyes. It contains plumping collagen and elastin, moisture retaining hyaluronic acid, antioxidant Vitamin E and mineral rich Seaweed Extract to help preserve the skin's tone, moisture levels and elasticity. She said to apply it along my bone line under my eyes. This emulsion can also be used sparingly on your face.

The plastic squeeze bottle has a dropper end so I can be sure to easily control the amount needed. About 4-5 drops for your face and neck are all you'll need and only 1 drop for your eye area. Wear this under your face and eye moisturizer.

I love products where a little goes a long way.

The consistency is lightweight, soft and smooth and it smells so fresh and clean. It spread easily under my eyes and it left them feeling more firm and super moisturized, instantly.

I'm ready to face the challenges of better skincare. And with an awesome array of beauty products out there, turning 40 might be the best thing to happen to my skin. What are your favorite beauty products that make you look younger? Share your ideas in the comments.

Cellufirm Drops cost $25 for a 1 oz. tube and can be purchased at Mario Badescu, Nordstrom and Harvey Nichols.


  1. Love all Mario products. I've used the cellufirm drops and I feel they've made a difference to me.
    xoxo Rainie

  2. Love all Mario products. I've used the cellufirm drops and I feel they've made a difference to me.
    xoxo Rainie

  3. I need to check that out. I need to re-stock my mario products!!

  4. OK, well first of all, how are you going to celebrate your 40th? Secondly, I think $25 is such a reasonable price for a product like this. Other brands are just out of control $$. One thing I do (or at least try) to help my skin is to chug H20. Staying hydrated helps :-)