Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Look 10 Years Younger With A Little Spray

As a beauty and fashion blogger, I get pitched all kinds of great products to review. But I guess because of the name of my blog, I was recently sent a product from Skindinavia that said it would make me appear 10 years younger. I put the bottle far away in my closet and buried myself under the covers.

But last night I had planned to meet up with my always put together friend and fashion blogger Kristin for the Ann Taylor Loft Summer Collection preview (more to come on this collection) and I thought it would be a perfect night to look (and feel) younger. After all, isn't that what Ann Taylor Loft is after.

This super-fine makeup finishing spray felt light and immediately cooling on my face. It made my skin feel smooth, soft and gave me a healthy-looking, natural glow. Not too sparkly, just the kind that of glow people saw in me when I was 30. It works by adding hydration to my skin and keeps my foundation, eye shadow, blush and concealer out of where it doesn't belong - those lovely fine lines and wrinkles.

The innovative, refreshing mist chills the makeup surface which causes drying to slow down greatly, and then it is loaded with six hydrators that bring more needed moisture to the makeup surface. The result is glowing, dewy foundation that holds in place up to 16 hours.

I hate when makeup, especially those mineral foundations, start to crease, clump, slide, get shiny or dry out. It's not a good look for anyone.

Did I magically look 10 years younger with this spray? Maybe 8 years. But what's best about this finishing spray is, with just 2-4 quick pumps of the mist over my makeup, my skin felt fresh for hours and my makeup didn't fall into any creases as the night wore on. There was no need for frequent makeup retouches in the bathroom so I was able to mingle away.

I'm really glad I tried this anti-aging finishing spray. It didn't make my face feel like I sealed it in plastic, but rather I felt invigorated. Now I'm going to use the 10 Years Younger Makeup Finish wherever I go.

Skindinavia has six unique finishes for different skin types, climates, lifestyles and events. They are available at and


  1. I've got to try this. It's all about the hydration! Lately, I look younger w/o make-up because the powders and foundations just seem to enhance my fine lines!

  2. Will it help me look twenty years younger? xoxoRainie

  3. hmmm...i'm thinking i need to try this...i'm all about my skin looking hydrated..

  4. Will it help me look twenty years younger? xoxoRainie