Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fabulous Fridays: A Flower Grows In Manhattan

Happy Friday everyone!!! We made it through the rain and the Spring sunshine is finally with us. All throughout New York City, colorful flowers are again dotting the city landscape and the streets are packed with people who must have been as happy as I was to feel the sun on your skin again. It's just what the doctor has ordered.

Central Park

My street

I'm so ready for Spring. One of the best ways to get in the mood is by wearing floral accessories. Just a simple accent can really lift your spirits. Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie Bradshaw made one of her signature fashion statements on Sex and the City when she wore her wild flower pins and that trend is really picking up heat this season.

Some might find florals too frilly, too sickening sweet. But when it's not overdone, it can be really beautiful. For me, floral accessories are a super chic and super easy way to freshen your look.

Here are some examples of floral accessories I love:

Floral pins like this gorgeous one from J. Crew are sprouting up all over this Spring. Just add it to your coat, jacket shirt, belt or purse and you'll have your Carrie moment.

This might be my new Spring obsession. Floral hair pins. These dainty pins are available on Etsy.

The colorful hues on this golden metal bracelet by Kenneth Jay Lane really make a statement against any simple, neutral Spring look.

I love the neutral shade of this platform sandal by Valentino but the rosettes make this chic design more playful.

This festive bag by Valentinois a knockout. I would wear it all year round.

I'm really looking forward to the 70 degree weekend. After this wet, wild and cold winter, my Spring fever is on!!!

Spring is a time of renewal, getting out of hibernation, awakening your energies and loving all there is to enjoy in life. Tell me, what are you looking forward to the most this Spring?


  1. I think my one spring purchase will be a neutral (bone colored) platform sandal...sans flowers.

  2. beautiful fashion. I love the hairpins and bracelets. xxoo Rainie

  3. love love love central park this time of year...the flowers are beautiful...the valentino shoe is calling my name... =)

  4. Nothing says spring like a GTL t-shirt.

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  5. Great post! Love the flower theme - just in time for spring! The Valentino bag and shoes are gorgeous, and I really like those J. Crew pins too!

  6. love those shoes! and love that you used a pic of sarah jessica parker.......are you into sex and the city? can't wait for the movie to come out in may!

  7. Love the florals...and definitely SJP! :)

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