Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Short Look For Summer

Now that the weather has jumped instantly to summer (at least in our apartment), I must confess I'm dreading having to put on a pair of shorts. So what kind of shorts should women over 40 be wearing? I find shopping for shorts a bit tricky. It's a fine line between wearing something that's swimming on you and a pair of Daisy Dukes. You can't go too long or else you'll look like your Capri pants have shrunk and you can't go too short for fear that you'll look like your wearing something from a teenager's closet.

But don't fret. It's totally possible to create a look that's sophisticated, chic and perfect for a casual summer (even if its still spring) day.

Here are some fabulous short cuts to summer chic!

Stay neutral. Shorts in shades like taupe and cream are a perfect alternative to pants during the dog days of summer. To finish the look, just add a tailored blazer or a simple T-shirt and layers of necklaces and you'll effortlessly stylish day-to-night.

Go for clean, simple lines. Also, try to find shorts that hit right at or just above your knee. Your knees are most likely the thinnest part of your legs, so you want to make sure they aren't covered. This tailored look is a summer essential and will make you feel tall and sleek. Isn't that what it's all about?

Here's another pair I really love. Denim is such an important fabric and these shorts are long and roomy enough to be fabulous.

What I would stay away from are the cutoff or short shorts. Who wears short shorts? Not me nor should any woman over the age of 40. It will look like you are still heading to the mall to meet your friends. A few years ago, a woman from Kentucky got sent to jail for wearing her shorts too short.

Jailed for wearing her short shorts to court. To hear her story, click here.

To be perfectly short and to the point, woman over 40 can look darn good wearing shorts. Are you ready to bare your legs this summer? Will you be wearing shorts? Let me know in the comments.


  1. thank you for validating my choice in shorts :)
    i always wonder what kind i should wear and i always pick the ones you pictured-thank you!
    love the video ;)
    have a great night Jen :)

  2. Oh no... my legs are not ready for summer! I gotta get on top of that! I definitely hope to be wearing shorts, I normally do...

  3. I'm dying of the heat in here. We haven't had working a/c in YEARS due to some b.s. with our building.

  4. I am ready for shorts; there's no A.C. in my apartment! Vince also makes good shorts for about $185 that are work and weather appropriate.

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  5. Didn't know shorts could look so good. I don't know if I'll ever be ready. xxoo Rainie

  6. I can't wear shorts of any length. Need to invest in some summer skirts!

  7. For some women, even over 40, long shorts are not flattering (you need some height/leg length to carry them off). Most capris are not flattering either. I'm 52, have fabulous legs (from running, biking, rollerblading) and wear shorts with an inseam of 5" or 7" inches. The most important thing to do is wear shorts appropriate to your body!

  8. I'm never ready for shorts and really only have one pair or two so I must shop this year. Those all look nice - except the first pair - are those pleats?!

  9. yes I totally agree that one should wear the right clothes according to their body type. I have all kinds of shorts for different occasions. Comes in handy, and whats best to beat the summer heat!!!

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