Thursday, April 8, 2010

Packing A Little Lighter To Hit Those Friendly Skies

I used to pack for a vacation by bringing my entire wardrobe. You never knew what you might need, right?. It always annoyed Michael when I would stuff my suitcase so he would have to sit on it to close and then take up room in his with my belongings. It was like I would go through as many wardrobe changes as my girl Britney. But every time I would travel I would rotate between the same two or three outfits. I like to take this Calypso dress with me every time I travel. It's super light, takes up practically no room in your luggage and is low maintenance.

Me and Michael in Fiji 2009

Tomorrow we are leaving to go to Florida for the weekend and I'm going to pack the dress in an effort to pack lightly. The airlines are totally making a bundle on people like me who don't pack lightly.

Clearly, this dress isn't going to set me over the limit. But my beauty products sure can. No matter how many nights away, I have packed my full line of Mario Badescu products, hair products, body creams and makeup along with a full set of brushes. I put all of it in a toiletry bag I bought from Land's End that is meant for a family of four. I barely manage to stuff it with my own beauty supplies.

This time, I'm going to attempt to pare down. I know I can't live without my facial products and I'll definitely need the sunscreen. But I'm going to keep my makeup to a minimum. This means I'll bring a blush, mascara, an under eye concealer and a lip gloss. Hopefully a little bit of the Florida sun will do the rest.

For my next trip though, I'm definitely going to check out the amazing travel kits from, a one-stop shop for all your beauty products in TSA-friendly sizes. They can ship your products directly to you or to your hotel, whichever makes traveling easier. Kits range from about $22-$200.

So what beauty products are you willing to forgo while you're away?


  1. that is always my biggest issue...all the toiletries...enough to give me a backache...lugging it all...i'm gonna have to check out the site...when i used to travel for business a lot...i always had my little travel size...somewhere along the way...i stopped...
    then if i could just figure out how to make my shoes smaller... =) can't leave with just a few pairs...they make the outfit...right?? haha

  2. Shoes are always my big issue while packing!

  3. Great blog. I'm a really bad packer so I tend to take everything. I like that Alexis kit idea.xxoo Rainie

  4. love the pic from fiji! oh that is a tough question-probably can forgo the eye cream and little things like that.....but must haves are my face wash and night cream and sunscreen for sure. have a great weekend!

  5. "A little help from the Florida sun". Don't you mean wrinkles and skin cancer? Pack your sunscreen!!