Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Zac Posen Around The Clock at Target

Meet Target's latest designer: Zac Posen.

Zac Posen. Photo credit: Patrick McMullan

I've always admired this dashing designer. His clothes are classically chic and I just love them. They are perfect for the woman who likes to dress up and feel joyous when doing so. I thought Ellen and Portia de Rossi looked gorgeous on their wedding day and timeless beauty Demi Moore was stunning in her hand-painted silk dress at the ESPY awards. Too bad those pieces are always out of reach for me.

Demi Moore in Zac Posen at the ESPY awards.

But now my heart is palpitating because the Midwest discount chain and the New York designer are teaming up for the latest in mass-produced designer collections. Posen's new line will hit Target shelves as well as their Web site on April 25. But if you live here in New York City, Posen's newest line will have you shopping around the clock. Head on over to Target's 24-hour pop-up shop for Zac Posen's Go International collection. The one-day event, at 481 Eighth Avenue and 34th Street, will be open from 11 pm on April 15 to 11 pm on April 16. This should give you a head start on Posen's fabulous collection. The pop-up shop will have the entire collection. If it's anything like the Target's pop-up shop for Liberty of London collection, you'll need to come early because I'm sure his most fabulous looks will sell out fast. Be sure to bring your double-shot iced mocha latte and energy bar. You can read my review of the Liberty of London here.

The designs are all priced under $199 and includes plenty of pretty dresses, sexy swimsuits, a red leather motorcycle jacket and a gorgeous tuxedo jacket and pants.

Earlier this year, Posen launched another lower-priced line Z Spoke exclusively with Saks Fifth Avenue. And before that, he collaborated with Target Australia on a line. He told New York Magazine at the time he did the project to "get around the world." Something I would do. You could read about Posen's trip Down Under right here.

Here are some of the looks Posen will be showing at the Target pop-up store Thursday night. My heart is set on the cherry-red motorcycle jacket and I promise Target if they save one for me I promise never to go to Costco again.

Motorcycle jacket, $199

Tuxedo jacket, $49.99

Tropical-print gown, $69.99

Red ruffled tulle dress, $79.99
Everyday denim never looked so chic, $39.99
Hawaiian-print shirt, $26.99; cuffed shorts, $27.99

Brocade floral dress, $74.99

Fireman-inspired slicker, $49.99

What do you think of Zac Posen for Target? Which pieces are you excited about? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Not my type of thing. I'm interested to see what happens with his business situation though. Been curious since the Times article I wrote about here:

  2. i think it will be great but honestly i prefer him at my house-holy is he a hottie :)

  3. I am curious about this, I must say! I hope the quality is OK too.

  4. I love Ellen & Portia. Not sure what to think of Zac for Target... I feel like so many designers have gone that route. I miss high fashion.

  5. So bummed I missed the NYC event. This might be worth a trip to NJ (aka the JOYZ). Thanks Jen

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