Monday, April 26, 2010

It's My Time To Shine

As a beauty junkie and blogger, I have a closet full of beauty products that I have tested and tried. Many of them are fabulous and over the past several months I've shared those with you. Now, I'm so excited to tell you about my most recent beauty find that I know will help you achieve beautiful, younger-looking skin. (Isn't that what we all want?) I discovered Arbonne, a Swiss-formulated line of pure, botanically-based beauty products while at my friend's bridal shower where I met the beautiful Marea who told me about Arbonne.

At the time, I wasn't interested in a career in skin care but Marea's joy and excitement about Arbonne bubbled over to me and I said would give the products a try. Later that week, she gave me a gold bag filled with full-size bottles of Arbonne's new RE9 Advanced system. It was a pretty impressive kit to try. I loved having the full-size bottles to use in my own bathroom. To me, this is a much better way to test out a new beauty product than the small packets department stores and spas hand out.

Arbonne's RE9 Advance anti-aging skin care system

The RE9 Advanced system is Arbonne's anti-aging system that uses advanced breakthrough approach to address skin health. It works by paring targeted topical treatments with an age-defying supplement that accelerates results twice as fast. The system has five quick and easy steps that will have your skin skin feeling and looking youthful and refreshed. The products are rich in antioxidants, botanically-based and do not contain mineral oil or chemical fragrances.

I love the clean design of the bottles and their easy-to use pump. The night I first used Arbonne I loved the way the products layered on my skin and the fresh, orangey scent. It has a creamy texture that glides over your skin. The facial, body and hair products are all vegan-certified and are loaded with the best nature has to offer like herbal and botanical extracts, oils and vitamins. It really made a difference to how I looked and felt. It totally rejuvenated my skin and me as well.

After the first 24 hours of using Arbonne, my skin felt like lighter and as smooth as a rose petal. By the third day of trying the products, my skin looked like it was glowing from within and I didn't feel as if I needed makeup. This beauty system is the closest thing I can get to properly feeding my skin the nutrients it deserves. Anyone who knows me would agree that I care passionately about skin care. And turning 40 earlier this year only made a good skin care system important as ever. Aging concerns are as real as ever and I know that how I take care of my skin today will effect how my skin will look in my 50s, 60s, 70s and so on.

For these reasons and so many more, I am so excited to tell you I have joined the Arbonne team. Instead of writing about all the other beauty products, I'm going to write about Arbonne. I believe it's a perfect fit for me as the products combine personal care and wellness, striving to enhance the skin, body and mind. These are topics both dear to me. I'm so excited about these products and I would love to have you try them.

I believe Arbonne is a gift to be shared. If you would like a free 3-day packet of samples, you can email me at jennifer.weitzman15@gmail or if you are in the NYC area, I would love to have you try it at home. You can always visit my website when you are ready to shop.


  1. Fabulous. I'll organize a spa party with everyone soon!!!

  2. Can't wait to try it. I know my friends will love it also. xxoo Rainie

  3. oh i love this! i have heard so many good things about these products! could i have a sample pack?

  4. I have chills!!! Loving your blog and so happy to be working with you!!

  5. I would love to try it. I am 47 years young and yes it is very important to take care of your skin. Just found your blog and I am loving it.

  6. Nicole - Thanks for stopping by. I'd love to send you a sample pack. Email me your address and I'll drop one in the mail for you. You can email me your information at