Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Be My Valentine

Valentine's Day is just a few days away and if you are like most people, myself included, you've procrastinated about what to do.

Whether you're planning something special with your honey or your best buds or simply want to treat your hardworking self to something, I've found some fabulous ideas for sharing the love with yourself or others.

A small bouquet of flowers, cups of steaming hot chocolate, long walks through the park and even books do make great V-Day gifts. I love this idea because it's simply so sweet, proving the Valentine's gifts don't have to be expensive so long as they are imaginative and you make a sweet impression by your thoughtfulness.

One of the more romantic days I've ever spent was when I was in Barcelona a few years back. I was lucky enough to be there on April 23 when the entire city celebrates it's Valentine's Day called St. George's Day (La Diada de Sant Jordi). It's a day so sweet and playful, goofy, yet romantic with the entire city going bananas along the grand avenues. On Sant Jordi Day, the streets are filled with utterly romantic scenes of men giving women roses and women giving the men books in exchange. The tradition started when the Patron Saint of Catalonia, international knight-errant Saint George, allegedly slew a dragon about to devour a beautiful princess. From the dragon's blood bloomed a rosebush, from which the ancient hero picked the prettiest rose for the princess. Years pass and in 1923 the traditional Rose Festival merged with International Book Day, thus creating the traditions for Sant Jordi Day.

St. George, the patron saint of Catalonia.

Here are some other romantic ideas for Valentine's Day or any other day for that matter:

*Spend the Sunday afternoon walking in the park, share sips of bubbly and a cupcake. It's a romantic treat anyone would love. Who would want something gooey and sweet? I know I do. These special V-Day cupcakes from Crumbs are always a hit.

Valentine's Day cupcakes from Crumbs.

*Take a class together. Food and wine are always an intimate affair. Michael and I once took a wine and cheese class together at Murray's Cheese for a recent Valentine's Day and had a great time. Or if you want to show your passion, check out the classes at Babeland, a woman-friendly sex shop in New York and Seattle.

*Enjoy a side-by-side massage or take a long, hot soak in the tub. To reach an ideal amount of relaxation, have the right bath products to enjoy the experience. Why not add bath bubbles, either scented or non, bath salts, essential oil such as lavender or aloe vera and candles to help create a romantic setting. I love ALL the bath and body products at Margarita Bloom. Who knows, maybe you'll get lucky if you try their super cute Sweet Notes of Love Fortune Cookie Soap Gift Box. Each box is filled with 12 fortune cookies and behold a love fortune. Also in time for Valentine's Day, you might want to try their Strawberry Sweetheart Massage Butter Bar.

Text Color
Margarita Bloom has lots of sweet goodies for the bath and body.

Be good to yourself or that special someone with a truly astonishing piece of fine jewelry. What's even better than jewelry you may wonder? Jewelry on sale. The fabulous and always ahead of the game Wendy Brandes is hosting a sale on her unbelievably gorgeous designs will now be Thursday Feb. 11 (due to the snow) at Fair Folks and a Goat on the Upper East Side starting at 5:30 and discounts will range up to 50%. She has something for everyone, I swear to it. So if you like to wear your heart on your finger, you'll love the Diane Ring, inspired by the late Princess of Wales efforts in the AIDS epidemic. What's better than jewelry for Valentine's Day. Jewelry on sale. If you are snow-bound or live out of the area, you can holla at her at wbjewelry@hotmail.com and let the designer know what piece(s) you're loving and she'll tell you the price(s).

Wendy Brandes's Diane Ring.

Valentine's Day is about doing what you love and enjoying the sweet side of life. What are you going to do to celebrate the day?


  1. Great recommendations. I am all for the Crumbs cupcakes. The way to every heart is through their stomach, after all.

  2. this is a yummy post, that you for all the fabulous reccomendations.adore Wendy's Diana ring!

  3. I love the idea of giving books, but those cupcakes look soooo delicious. xoxo Rainie

  4. What a fabulous blog! Thanks for including Margarita Bloom in your post!! We're honored!! Nothing like delicious cupcakes, sweet bath goodies from Margarita Bloom and a little bit of jewelry to make any day a holiday!!

  5. LOL....forgot to mention....love that blurb about St. Georges Day and how it came about! I'm a sucker for little tidbits of history like that!! LOVE it!!

  6. I love Crumbs cupcakes! But, I would rather have the WendyB Diane ring :-)

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