Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Curls Just Wanna Have Fun

Do girls with curls have more fun?

That's what famed hair stylist Kevin Ryan set out to achieve at the Tibi Fall 2010 fashion show last night at Bryant Park. Trying to match Tibi's playful, youthful spirit, Ryan carefully wound tons of spiral curls onto the models.

Curls ruled backstage at Tibi

The youthful look was created by using lots of soft, pink Bobbi Brown makeup.

"The Tibi girls are fun girls. They all seem like they’re going somewhere and they’re going to rip it up a little," Ryan said backstage. "We’ve done them tight with fabric last season which we enjoyed this season This time we were just playing around with a few looks and textures and some of them just felt too old so in the end, we thought the curl is great."

Ryan said changing up your look by adding an interesting texture like curls could really lift your spirits and even spice up your relationship.

Guess who also had curls?

As someone with normally straight hair, I of course always wanted curly hair. I was able to go high glamour thanks to the incredibly skillful hands of a Ted Gibson hair stylist at a recent event. The last time I had curls was from a bad, smelly perm back in the 80s.

My curls are bouncing and behaving

If you have straight hair like mine, Ryan said creating party-ready curls can be done at home that won't damage your hair. He suggested taking your hair in small sections and twirl it around those old-fashion rollers your grandma used to use or use a curling iron with a small barrel to get those alluring curls. For a fuller effect, piece the hair out after it has cooled and use a light hair spray to keep the style all day or night long.

Tell me, how do you want to change up your hair?


  1. Jennifer with curls
    what a novel idea. xoxo rainie

  2. Jen-you look great! On a side note...went to sephora today and picked up some sugar lip balm!!!

  3. I wish my hair would stay in curls... two seconds it's flat :-(

  4. Your hair looks great like that! I wish someone would curl my hair!! ;)

  5. You look GREAT. My favorite hairdo ever was curly but it was impossible to maintain so now I straighten:

  6. Do you have anymore photos of backstage at Tibi? I was one of the stylists and unfortunately someone stole my camera, im trying to find more photos of backstage, if so my email is

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