Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Workout Wear That's Fabulous and Functional

During the months of January and February, gyms across America are always packed with people who've made New Year's resolutions to lose weight and go to the gym. But by March, where did everyone go? I do see a pick up when the warmer weather finally arrives. I guess people realize bathing suit weather is quickly approaching.

Wearing fabulous and functional clothes to the gym is one way for me to stay motivated during this stretch of time. And who doesn't need all the help you can get. Wearing workout clothes that fit properly makes me feel stronger, more energetic and I'm overall more comfortable and confident.

Wearing old-fashioned baggy, ill-fitting clothes won't inspire you to stay strong throughout the year. Neither will it help if your clothes smell. Rather, you'll always feel more inspired to hit your groove at the gym with clothes that fit your body, can comfortably handle all your moves and you look fabulous in. A good gym outfit can even improve your workout. Now who wouldn't want to go to the gym when you can sport something you love.

I usually love to wear cropped compression pants. Trust me, they will go the distance with you and are worth every penny. I have compression shorts for cycling and pants for all my other aerobic activities -- like running, Pilates and body toning. A good pair should fit snugly (but not too tight) and are so lightweight you hardly feel them on your body. They are made with considerable stretch to go with all your daring moves and compressional panels to support muscles and reduce fatigue.

These cropped compression pants from LuLuLemon are my favorite workout pants. They're a bit expensive, but I swear I feel a difference in my workout when I wear them. They have all the great qualities good performance pants needs and this style come in four different colors. They have full support in areas I need them so there is little bouncing going on back there.

Cropped compression pants by LuLuLemon.

These are another great pair of cropped endurance pants by Moving Comfort. They are made with high performance fabric to help keep moisture way.
Cropped compression pants by Moving Comfort.

For tops, I like to have my arms able to reach their full range of motion. There is no shortage of sleeveless styles made from cotton or moisture wicking materials to keep the sweat away from you and keep you cool when your body temperature starts to rise.

This body-hugging tank top by LuLuLemon looks and fits great. It's made with certified organic cotton and spandex for natural comfort and stretch. It is constructed with a mesh bra and built-in pockets for removable cups.

A great-fitting and looking tank top from LuLuLemon.

This seamless racerback tank top by Nike offers freedom of movement and a built-in shelf bra for support.

This awesome tank top from Nike has sweat-wicking fabric and a sexy streamlined design.

Another tip is to wear seamless clothing when you are doing repetitive moves like running, elliptical and spinning. This helps to avoid rubbing and chafing.

My all-time favorite piece of equipment I bring to the gym is my heart rate monitor by Polar. This monitor keeps your workouts honest and guides you through your workouts to gain optimal training intensity.

With the right workout clothes, you'll have a little more motivation to go to the gym. Now you have one less excuse!


  1. I still prefer more coverage overall. I wear loose fitting athletic pants and t-shirts on most days (boring!). Maybe when I finally have a decent looking gym body I will wear more interesting gear!

  2. How about cropped pants and a Yankee T shirt. Don't know if I'll ever have a LuLuLemon body xoxo Rainie

  3. I've gotta try those compression pants!!

  4. Great advice - I definitely believe in the virtues of stylish workout gear. You will feel better about working out if you feel good about what you're wearing to work out in!

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