Monday, February 8, 2010

Pour Some Sugar on Me

I have a caboodle full of lip colors and balms, you can even say I’m obsessed. I recently decided to indulge on Sugar Rosé Tinted Lip Treatment by Fresh because I love all things by Fresh, have read rave reviews and badly needed something to quench my dry, chapped lips. I'm happy to report to you I was blown away by Fresh's lip treatment.

I want to wear this rosy lip treatment to work, to go out to dinner and to bed at night. It’s that great.

At first I was loathe to drop the $22.50 on another lip product, but this paraben-free lip moisturizer is like no other. This daily must-have soothes and softens my lips, while giving them the sexy, plump look of a just-bitten pout.

This treatment does not work the way ordinary lip balms work. The lip moisturizer from Fresh hydrates your lips without being sticky and repairs them by removing the annoying dry, flakey skin on your lips that are so common during the winter. This will also help your favorite colored lipstick have a smooth finish.

I also find the smell just fabulous. For a refreshing jolt, I’m addicted to the citrusy scent. I’ll just unscrew the top off and take a whiff of the lemony scent and my spirits are instantly uplifted. Also, the tint is just the perfect amount of sheer rosy hue that makes your lips look like you were just bitten. It’s perfect for everyday and year-round use.

But the best part about Fresh’s Sugar Rose Lip Treatment is the way it leaves your lips. It instantly provides nourishment, hydration and smoothness, soothing cracked or chapped lips and diminishing the appearance of fine lines. Your lips will feel smooth and supple for hours.

The Rose Sugar Lip Treatment is the sexy sister to the original Sugar Lip Treatment and has the same amazing, all-natural ingredients like nourishing oils, hydrating butter and a bright addictive citrus flavor and is finished with a touch of rose water for a feminine touch.

I have a long history of loving Fresh products and will continue to use their products. Check out my review of their popular Brown Sugar Body Polish here.

If you already have a lip treatment you love and insist on using it, I urge you to go out and give this gem a try.

It will leave your lips primed for kissing.

The Rose Sugar Lip Treatment is available at Fresh, Sephora, Neiman Marcus, Saks and Bluemercury.


  1. I'm lip gloss, lip anything obsessed. Always looking for the next best thing. This product sounds great, but I'm afraid I might be tempted to constantly bite my lips if it tastes as good as it smells.

  2. This sounds delicious. I think it's a good way for your lips to loose the winter blahs xoxo rainie

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