Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tibi Knows How To Wear Sequins During The Day

I love wearing sequins. Lucky for me, fashion retailers and designers, including the fun, colorful line Tibi, are also digging the sparkle this season. It seems they are adding glimmering wattage to everything in their path - including T-shirts, tanks, tunics, cocktail dresses and lots of accessories. And why not, with more and more women on the go, we need fresh, new clothing options that can take us through our long, busy days.

Lately I have been breaking out sequins on my way out the door in the morning. I used to feel like I was doing the walk of shame. But now there are plenty of ways to wear sequins even with the sun is up and I can walk with greater confidence.

I had the good fortune of being invited by my fashion blogging friend Kristin backstage for Tibi's Fall 2010 Fashion Show at the Bryant Park Tents. I was doing cartwheels when I saw all the glittery sequins and shiny fabrics the contemporary line was showing. Tibi's designer Amy Smilovic told me it's safe to wear sequins for day and not look like you're going to a nightclub. The trick is playing down the glitz with something more casual.

"There's a full sequin gown but it's worn over a gray T-shirt with a brown leather belt," Smilovic said before the show. "It's the idea of taking something that's so luxe and precious and taking it way down and playing it cook so it seems fun and kind of little cavalier."

Tibi's Fall 2010 looks are sophisticated and have lots of fun sparkle.
Tibi's sequined top and fur topper would make any 40-year old fabulously chic.

So if you love the sequins and your daytime job isn't on the Vegas strip, you can easily juxtapose your sparkly number with low-key, casual pieces. Get ready to break out all your utilitarian basics - like cargo pants, boyfriend blazers, knit cardigans and anorak jacket and add a dose of shine! And unless you insist on the power suit, sequins add a great feminine twist under suits.

What do you think of wearing sequins during the day? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Sequins during the day? Of course. It all depends on what the item is and what you pair it with. I love a simple sequin tank w/ jeans.

  2. yes yes yes...bling bling is not only for the evening... =)

  3. I wish I saw you do that sequins.

  4. Nice post. I love her stuff. Like Elie, these are clothes that you can actually wear and want to buy. It was so nice to see them up close too.

    And great question - asking her how to wear sequins for day!!! Her answer was marvelous.

  5. Love the idea... I am just about to order a grey slash neck top with three bands of gold sequins along the front. Gorgeous!

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